Who would have thought Betty White would have been a relevant pop culture reference come 2010? Sure she's been immortalized in American television history for her role as "Rose" on the award winning show, "The Golden Girls", which ran from 1985-1992, but now Facebook? Hollywood is always about who's younger and who's hotter, so how can we explain the rise of the Great White?

Well for starters, Mz. White is a maverick and mavericks, to paraphrase Sarah Palin, another aging hot rod, never follow the rules because that's "not mavericky" after all. Post "The Golden Girls" era, Betty cameod all over the small screen, managing to pick up four Golden Globes nominations for her guest roles on "My Name Is Earl", "Suddenly Susan", "The Practice" and "Yes, Dear". She's been in everything from "King Of The Hill", to "That 70's Show", to "The Bold And The Beautiful", to a few Pet Advantage commercials. The Betty White residual pension plan everybody!

Fast forward to 2010 and the White has pulled another one fast one: she's blowing up! While not only surfacing in the blockbuster "The Proposal", which also stars the Oscar-nominated, Sandra Bullock, Betty is a SAG lifetime achiever, got herself a starring role in a super bowl commercial and now, a Facebook page that's lobbying to have her host SNL.

The sole purpose of the "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" Facebook page is to get Betty on SNL as a host and not just as a cameo. Yesterday afternoon, the page had 107,000 followers and this morning, there were 134,000 followers. That's about 27,000 Betty White fans that added the page in less than a twenty four hour period. That's almost as many women as Warren Beatty has allegedly slept with.

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans can't be wrong - honestly, the sheer genius of getting Betty White on SNL would only be paralleled by MTV casting "The Situation", from "Jersey Shore". (I smell another cameo?) Imagine Andy Samberg rapping about his private parts to Betty or watching Kristen Wiig dressed as Suze Orman talking about Betty's flashy jacket. Jackets! But the crown jewel of all the skits would be Betty in the "Cougar Den" skit dressed up like a drunken housewife, talking about texting, internet dating, and boozing down her date's inhibitions.

Get on this idea, SNL! Betty White is a legend whose popularity and cultural relevance keeps growing, and at this rate by this time next year, she'll have had a sex tape come out, a reality show bomb, and started embarking on a successful run for president in 2012 because Obama, like being young, was so like soooo 2008. Betty White I'm sure will dominate hosting SNL like Jon Gosselin can dominate a Costco-sized tub of hair gel. You still got it, Betty!

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards © Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Story by Nicole Bagood

Starpulse contributing writer