Robert Downey Jr.'s career has been a rocky, yet successful one over the past two decades. A recovering drug addict and alcoholic, Robert is a Golden Globe winner and an Academy Award nominee. Even as a multi-talented actor, there are a few films that could qualify for his "worst" list.

Here's a look at some of his best and worst films to date:


In 2008, Robert played engineering genius and playboy Tony Stark. Like most films based on comic books, the fan following is huge and the adventure is endless. While being held captive in Afghanistan, Tony is forced to build a missile for his captors but secretly makes an armored suit used for his escape instead. Robert is currently working on Iron Man 2, which will be out next spring.

The film based on the biography of filmmaker Charlie Chaplin scored Robert an Oscar nomination in1992. Robert's slapstick comedy and timing was dead on with Chaplin's, and you could see the correlation between his life and the life of the character he was portraying. As Robert struggled with his inner demons, Charlie's life was also clouded with loss despite his portrayal of a character surrounded by humor.

Earning his second Oscar nomination as Kirk Lazarus, Robert portrays an Australian man playing a black man filming a Vietnam War epic "guerilla style" in the middle of the jungle. It's hard to believe that Robert isn't African American in real life, and along with Jack Black, Ben Stiller and a cameo from Tom Cruise, the film is hilarious. A quick trailer of another Kirk Lazarus film appears in the beginning of the movie which looks almost as good as "Tropic Thunder." Kirk, a.k.a. Robert, plays a homosexual monk with a naughty crush on fellow monk, Tobey Maguire.

This movie put Robert on the map as an actor. He plays Julian Wells, a wealthy, cocaine addicted teenager in Los Angeles whose best friends will do anything to help him kick his habit. Unfortunately, this role fueled Robert's real-life drug habit, which led him down an addictive path spanning almost a decade.

This movie came out in 1985 at the peak of the Brat Pack movies. Robert plays Ian, a popular jock, who tortures the two nerdy main characters until their creation of a perfect woman sparks his interest. Bill Paxton's portrayal of the meathead older brother is hilarious as he steals every scene he's in. "Weird Science" is a must see 80's cult classic.

If you are a romantic comedy lover, you need to see this film. Marisa Tomei plays a woman haunted by the idea that her soul mate is a mysterious guy name Damon Bradley. As a little girl, the Ouija board spelled out that name for her, and it arose again when a fortune teller told her Damon was her missing half. The name keeps surfacing throughout her adulthood and it forces her to Venice, Italy. Robert's character Peter is in love with her but has the misfortune of not having that sacred name, Damon Bradley.

What makes this film so interesting and different is the fact that Robert is the narrator of the film as well as the charming and charismatic main character who talks to the audience throughout the movie. His character, Harry Lockhart, is a Los Angeles thief on the run from police when he stumbles into an audition and gets the part. When it is suggested that he participate in an investigation to develop his character, the twisted story unravels. Although it was not well received by U.S. audiences, it was praised by critics.