Best TV Moments Of 2014: From 'The Good Wife' To 'The Newsroom'

The Good Wife

2014 has been another interesting year for television, whether you're talking about the arrival of a new series or the reinvention of an existing hit show. There's been no shortage of buzzworthy happenings on the small screen, across all kinds of channels and genres, and they deserve a little applause.

It's time once again to recognize the best TV moments of the year and the people who made those moments happen. Below, we've selected the eight moments that still have us talking weeks or even months after they aired, in chronological order.

SPOILER ALERT - If you're not caught up on the current season of television, there will be spoilers in this article. Read at your own risk.

1) The Good Wife: Will Gardner's death (March 23, 2014)

Thanks to social media and spoiler columns, it's very hard for a TV show to get one over on its audience. That's why we were so impressed that The Good Wife was able to keep Josh Charles' departure a secret. After we stopped literally sobbing over the decision to kill off his character, the sharp-witted Will Gardner.

Charles had been a force of nature for the entirety of season five, as Will raged over Alicia's (Julianna Margulies) decision to leave Lockhart/Gardner for her own law firm, but was also able to develop his own storyline independent of their former love triangle. Then, just as Charles was doing some of his best work in episodes like "The Decision Tree," Will was gone, shot by his own desperate client (Hunter Parrish) and shaking up network television's best series.

Will's demise was a legitimate shock, and it was the culmination of a half season's worth of brilliant work by Charles, who was robbed of an Emmy Award earlier this year. We were reminded of why we loved Will, and how important he was to The Good Wife, and how lucky we were to have the right actor playing him, which only made the loss an even bigger sucker punch. Even though the show has replaced him with Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode), we still think about Will every Sunday. That's the way a character should go out.

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