Jason Coleman's Top Five DVD/Blu-rays

Frankly the slew of Special Edition and collectable DVD’s and Blu-ray’s in 2013 was a tad on the scarce side.  Thus why I’m tackling this year’s best list as a top five instead of ten.  Not that there isn’t amazing product out there (all hail Scream Factory!) but the big guns like Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox have most certainly cut back on giving fans new home product love.  In any case let’s celebrate the good stuff that is available with my..."Best Of 2013 Top Five DVD/Blu-rays!"



1. Scream Factory Entire 2013 Line Up


That’s right folks – we bow and pay homage to all things Scream Factory in 2013.  The genre division of Shout! Factory under the eye of movie geek Jeff Nelson, Scream Factory has literally taken over the mantle from the folks over at Anchor Bay as THE purveyor of rare, amazing and highly collectable releases.  And since their crop of 2013 releases were all so amazingly rich they get the top spot here for the ENTIRE year’s line up.  They certainly deserve it – who else is giving fans everything from five-star Special Editions of "Night of the Comet," "The Howling," "The Fog" and "Phantasm II" to 4-film Movie Marathon sets complete with a gaggle of cheesy B-movies?!  (Even the films without special features like "Eve of Destruction" and Ninja III: The Domination" are worth it just for the flicks!)  With more to come in 2014 including "Cat People" and the long awaited Clive Barker "Night Breed: The Cabal Cut" we will continue to all scream for Scream Factory.