We’re still counting down to the final moments of 2012 and there’s much more to highlight.  This time we’re diving into the subject of what some consider a cool form of art, but that others feel is a waste of wall space.  It’s a top ten list with everything from cool to school (of fish that is!) and everything in between.  That’s right fans, we’re checking out my official..."Best of 2012 Top Ten Movie Posters!"  (Plus a notable stinker collage at the end!)


1. "DUST UP"

What poster master Drew Struzan was to the 80’s, original Artist Akiko Stehrenberger is to the year 2000.  After having created such memorable one-sheet work for the Todd Solondz film "Life During Wartime" and cult flick "Father’s Day," her take on the Will Farrell comedy "Casa de Mi Padre" seemed to be Stehrenberger’s poster swan song – think again.  Using the same design influence, but with a distinctive grindhouse-like feel, it’s the impressive, cool and altogether brilliantly simple rendering of the underrated midnight classic "Dust Up" that proves to be her Mona Lisa.  Sporting the unforgettable three leads with their weapons of choice (gun, bow & arrow and drill anyone?!) on a desert dirt bike is the epitome of perfect poster panache – the whole movie in a picture-esk nutshell.