Now for the lovely ladies!  


1. Kaniehtiio Horn"The Theatre Bizarre"

In a single standout segment of six stories, 'Vision Stains' female serial killer Kaniehtiio Horn gives more than just a performance.  In one stunning turn that is vicious, thoughtful and utterly mesmerizing, the very unique looking Horn proves that a killer instinct is not reserved for men only.  Plus only a woman could convincingly kill just to absorb the memories of her random victims (by injected their ocular eye fluid into her own no less!) – thinking of others even during homicide requires female nurturing for sure.


2. Olivia Wilde"Butter"

All horny movie geeks knew "Tron: Legacy" fem Olivia Wilde was hot, but funny too?  Using both sex and sass at the same time no less as "Butter’s" vixen stripper Brooke, the vivacious Wilde all but steals every scene she’s in.  Complete with a hot bod (her pole dancing is worth multiple viewings!), foul mouth (“Bob, I’m gonna s#it on the hood of your car!”) and a delightful trash-talking attitude that would make the brash and outspoken cast of "Transformers" blush, Wilde showed us all her bawdy beast behind the beauty. 


3. Eva Allan"Beyond the Black Rainbow"

Taking on a lead role with little to no dialogue is a challenge, but pulling it off with gusto is another thing altogether.  But armed with only an expressive face, palpable turmoil and strange psychic like abilities, "Beyond The Black Rainbow" actress Eva Allan does so much with so little.  As a prisoner and the object of affection and obsession of a madman, Allan is equal parts innocent and tortured.  The effect is not unlike the unusual film itself – black, beyond and brilliant.


4. Anne Heche"That’s What She Said"

Great roles certainly begin on the written page, but their execution is equally important.  Case in point - the bawdy, caustic and funny as hell written character of Dee Dee that’s given serious elevation by the quick witted Anne Heche in the play to film adaptation of "That’s What She Said."  Using the script as a blueprint, Heche dives head first into one of the most memorable roles of her very long career (she smokes and brushes her the same time!) and shows all of us what most have suspected all along – she’s got the goods. 


5. Maya Parish"Midnight Son"

Sometimes the standard ‘girlfriend’ role can be lifted beyond the basic by way of things like bravado (see Angelina Jolie in "Hackers!") and being forward (see Samantha Mathis in "Pump Up The Volume!"), but in the case of Maya Parish’s side gal in the Vampire genre flick "Midnight Son" it’s all about flaws.  As the troubled, drug addled and overall mess yin to lead man Zak Kilberg’s equally confused vampire yang, the unconventionally captivating looking Parish finally brings a real face to the woman of our dreams – and she’s got some seriously savory baggage to back it up.  

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