1. "Chillerama: Unrated" (Image Entertainment)

As if being a tasty anthology flick wasn’t enough, "Chillerama" is a real love letter to the drive-in movie days of old.  Filled with more than enough gore (Joe Lynch’s 'Zom B Movie' is seriously sinfully disgusting!), guts (Tim Sullivan’s 'I Was A Teenage Werebear' breaks ALL boundaries!), goofs (Adam Green keeps the laughs coming with 'The Diary of Anne Frankenstein!') and goo (via the giant sperm of Adam Rifkin’s 'Wadzilla!') to keep the midnight crowd going, "Chillerama" is the true hidden hoot of 2011.  Combine that with some notable featurettes and one uber-cool four person tag-team commentary track that shows just how unique each of the "Chillerama" directors is and you’ve got the best B-movie Blu-ray buy of the year.

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