There are few people in a girl's life more important than her mother, and television has often used that relationship to entertain or astonish over the years. Whether they were super close or estranged, the bond between a mother and her daughter is one that has fascinated viewers and TV writers alike. Now there are a lot of fantastic examples in the past, but we decided to focus only on the bonds that exist in current TV. With Mother's Day this weekend, it is time to celebrate all that they do for us, so get ready with some flowers and a hug. Feel free to post in the comments some of the mother/daughter combos that you remember fondly (like Gilmore Girls or The Brady Bunch!).

Marge and Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons

This mother-daughter combo has been on television for almost 20 years, and they manage to be the only sane characters in an otherwise insane cast. Marge may sometimes be frustrated with her stupid but lovable husband, but she is the heart of the Simpson family, giving comfort and kindness to anyone who needs it. Her daughter Lisa is the smartest character on the show, struggling with the alienation that intelligence causes. With the soul of a poet and moralistic outspokenness, Lisa often tries to do the right thing and gets thwarted in some way. Marge and Lisa could be seen as role models for young women, both with a mind of their own and well meaning hearts, and they provide a wonderful contrast to the other half of the Simpson family. After twenty years we still gotta love them, and that's pretty hard to accomplish, even on a fun loving cartoon!

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