Who was the best dressed at Sunday night's 65th Annual Emmy Awards? We've got lots of pics of all the best fashions from the red carpet, including Kaley Cuoco and Sofia Vergara, both wearing Vera Wang designs. It's a tough call who looked the best, though. Decide for yourself: (story)

For every best dressed celeb, there's someone whose outfit is, well, not so much. Check out all the worst dressed celebs, like "Girls" star Lena Dunham, from the Emmys red carpet here. (story)

"The Voice" is back! The original four judges are back together again for this season of the hit singing competition (it also won the Emmy for Best Reality Competition show). How did the premiere go? Read the full rundown of the first night of blind auditions right here: (story)

Last month we gave you the British celebrities with the best teeth, but nobody wants to see that! So here are 14 stars whose chompers are less than perfect. We're not knocking their talents or looks, they just don't have the most attractive teeth. Crooked, gaps, missing, etc. Some might think with the money and resources available they'd have them fixed, but for some a less than perfect smile can lead to lots of work. (story)

James Spader stars in NBC's sure-to-be hit "The Blacklist", which premiered on Monday night. Spader plays a master criminal who intentionally gets captured by the FBI and says he'll only speak to one agent and share his "blacklist" of the worst criminals he's personally encountered. The series is fast-paced, thoughtful, and "struck like a hammer on an anvil." (story)