Bernie Mac's Widow Rhonda McCullough Talks About I Ain't Scared: A Tribute To Bernie Mac, what she misses most about her late husband and how she and her daughter are keeping his legacy alive.

Starpulse: How involved were you in this DVD? 

Rhonda: I was executive producer, gave a lot of his early footage for the project.

Starpulse: Did you watch it prior to it being released? 

Rhonda: Yes I did and loved it!

Starpulse: Bernie had a lot of fan and colleagues who looked up to him and idolized him and it clearly came out in the DVD, were you taken aback at all when you saw the footage?

Rhonda: No not taken aback, just very touched by all the wonderful things that were being said about him.

Starpulse: It was clear that Bernie made you a priority in his life and he I think it was Chris Rock who said that he was always talking about you like a "new couple"; can you describe the bond you two had? 

Rhonda: Well we were high-school sweethearts, so with all those years together you become great friends and that's what we were. He had my back and I had his back.

Starpulse: You two were high school sweethearts and you stuck with him before he was famous- what was the hardest thing to deal with once he found fame? 

Rhonda: It was him being away. Whit him on the road a lot I had to attend a lot of family gatherings alone.

Starpulse: How are you and your daughter doing? 

Rhonda: We are in a great place, loving life. And enjoying Jasmne her daughter and beautiful granddaughter.

Starpulse: It has been four years since Bernie has passed, what do you miss most about him? 

Rhonda: I really miss his laughter :-)

Starpulse: What's one thing about Bernie that people don't know about? 

Rhonda: That he was a very sensitive man.

Starpulse: What would you like to see come out of I Ain't Scared of You

Rhonda: I want people to take with them that this young African American male growing up in Englewood, despite the odds came out on top, with the respect and love of his peers and the entire World.

Starpulse: Watching the Def Jam footage of Bernie when he first said I Ain't Scared of You to the audience, I had to laugh at his jeans- did he ever look back and say, "How did you let me out of the house like this, Rhonda?" 

Rhonda: No I picked the outfit and he thought it was the BOMB!

Starpulse: What are you doing to keep his legacy alive?  

Rhonda: The Bernie Mac Foundation for Sarcoidosis. This was his dream before his passing away. So myself and the wonderful staff are making this possible. We are raising awareness and funds for the research of the disease Sarcoidosis.

Starpulse: How are you promoting the DVD? It's a great tribute to his life. 

Rhonda: Tell everyone I know!! And doing a lot of telephone, radio interviews.

Check out a clip from I Ain't Scared of You, A Tribute to Bernie Mac: