Handmade flamethrowers, suped-up cars and post apocalyptic fandom.  All elements do indeed inhabit the hyper-real world of "Bellflower," but it’s essentially not what the film is about.  Buried deep inside the machismo, cool gadgets and Road Warrior villain Humungous worship is a simple story of a wonderful blossoming relationship gone awry and it’s where the engine revving "Bellflower" gets it’s true five-star movie muscle from.

Woodrow is a guy who spends his time in the fantasy of a Road Warrior inspired life by building Mad Max-esk items like flamerthrowers and barren land vehicles with his good friend Aiden.  But along the way Woodrow gets sidetracked and meets the fetching and alluring Milly and the two immediately hit it off.  Talking, laughing and even taking impromptu trips across the state to eat questionable food, Milly and Woodrow seem to almost be having a storybook romance – almost.

The first part of the film described above provides the heart and soul of "Bellflower" - the chemistry between natural couple Evan Glodell and Jessie Wiseman is so thick and truthful it can be cut with a knife.  But if the first half is the building of a relationship, then the second is surely the dismantling of it.  Told in a surreal and almost dreamlike visual style (thanks to unconventional camera work by Director of Photography Joel Hodge), "Bellflower" takes all the fears, pain and torment of being betrayed by someone you love to a brutal and vicious extreme designed to kneecap an unknowing audience – and it does.  Writer, director and leading man Glodell lays all the good, bad and ugly out on the table and provides a new and skewed look at a classic struggle between men and women.  As the sweet but ultimately volatile Woodrow, Glodell turns in a performance that’s a slow, simmering pot boil of emotion and it’s both sad and scary.  Though the three other leads also serve to season his powerful work with actress-to-watch Wiseman turning in a haunting portrayal of a woman destined to fail, Rebekah Brandes (so memorable in "Midnight Movie!") playing the perfect rebound gal and Tyler Dawson adding levity and charm as Woodrow’s devoted best friend – everyone involved brings the weird world within to life.

So while the majestic scenes of a flame shooting apparatus added are impressive, the roaring engine of the Medusa muscle car definitely potent and the downward story spirals sinfully shocking, it’s the tale of infatuation and the loss of it that ultimately provides all the necessary guts and glory "Bellflower" requires – the things we do for love. 


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   Title: "Bellflower"

   Stars: 5

   Genre: Action/Drama/Romance

   Cast: Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman, Tyler Dawson

   Director: Evan Glodell

   Running Time: 105 minutes

   Rating: R

   Release Company: Oscilloscope Laboratories

   Website: www.bellflower-themovie.com