A group of Justin Bieber fans aren't too happy with the object of their affection getting back together with Selena Gomez.

On Sunday the topic #ignorejustinproject trended on Twitter, as fans lashed out due to the singer's trend of shorter messages on his media accounts. It was assumed Justin was spending too much time with Selena to tweet messages, so they decided to ignore him back.

One fan wrote, "Can we all just ignore Justin for a day? Where we just stop... like we all tweet each other but not him, and not like any of his photos. No interaction with him. No favoriting tweets or Rting, dming, instagramming photos that tag him, and on shots too. See if her f---ing notices?!"

While some disturbed fans jumped on the bandwagon ("Can we seriously do this justin needs to realize that we got him famous," one wrote), the backlash from others was almost immediate. "With all the sh#t he has to go through from the rest of the world you'd have thought his beliebers wouldnt add to it," a user tweeted. Hashtags such as "supportjustinproject" and "ilovejustinproject" trended in retaliation, allowing fans to bash the ignoring trend without publicizing its tag.

Over the last week Justin appears to have spent quite a bit of time with Selena. After he posted an image of his head in Selena's arms with the message "Our love is unconditional," the two were then spotted spending a day together and partying it up at a club for a friend's birthday. On Thursday night, the two enjoyed a quiet bible study together and on Friday went to a high-end steak restaurant before catching a movie.