With 17 more episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" to go, "The Ties That Bind" did well to position the various factions in respect to each other and possibly on their way to Earth, which they will reach, one way, or another before this whole thing ends. And we're off.

The Cylon Insurrection
The model 6 led revolt took a dramatic upturn as hostilities continued and power bases were solidified. The Cavil that got smoked last week by the newly sentient Centurions woke up in his new skin, and he was not too happy about it. Boomer was there to greet him and let him know how he died and what has happened since, then Boomer and Cavil did some making out. Realizing that he didn't have the winning hand (at the moment), Cavil initiated a meeting with the now dominant model sixes. The sixes reiterated what they asked for last week, namely that the Raiders would no longer be lobotomized and the D'anna model would be put back into circulation. Cavil diplomatically remarked that he would have to bring these demands back to his faction. With the meeting concluded, the model six told the Centurions present to escort Cavil back to his ship, and the Centurions would not comply until a please was added. The Centurions are scary buckets, just how sentient are they anyway?

After bringing the sixes demands to the other models, Cavil reported back that in the interest of unity, the demands were being met, and if they could just jump to an undisclosed location, they would be happy to acquiesce. The sixes, intoxicated by their victory and blinded by arrogance complied. Once they came out of the jump, the trap was sprung quickly, and the rogues (sixes, Leobens, Sharons, and sentient Centurions) were eliminated in a rain of missile fire, presumably forever, as the resurrection ship didn't make the jump with them. Revolt over, Cavil wins again. As if there was ever any doubt

Fleet Politics
The new Quorum of Twelve Representative from Caprica, Lee Adama, wasted no time in making waves with his new political career. Under the tutelage of Zarek (and some convenient top secret files) Lee was able to start building upon his image of the one man, with the cajones to stand up to Roslin. Zarek thinks Lee has the cache to do his dirty work and still smell like roses. Poor Lee, can't shake being a pawn can he?

At his first quorum meeting, various politico types were complaining and bringing up concerns. The disappearance of the Demetrius has not gone unnoticed, and the fleet is wondering where it is. Roslin isn't talking about it, and that's final until Lee decides to pay her a good turn by saying something nice about how the president would obviously be doing everything to find Earth. She pays him back by verbally bitchslapping the junior delegate, which only forced Lee's hand into revealing his secret folder that turns out to be an attempt by Roslin to stack the judicial system in her favor after the Baltar debacle. Come on people, play nice. Roslin now has to open up the legislation to discussion which railroads her secret plans for now.

Fleet Cylons
I've never been that big of a fan of Cally. My favorite scene with her was when the Chief broke her jaw because that at least closed her mouth for a spell. Her marriage to Tyrol was never very important to me, nor, it seemed to anyone else. So when the previews made it look she was going to get airlocked, I expected the worst, that it would hot happen. But the trick was on me wasn't it?

Cally's day started out a whole lot better than it ended. She merely thought Tyrol was cheating on her with Tory when she found them in Joe's bar together. Tory was sensually rubbing the Chief's elbow when Cally found them. Strung out on a bevy of sleep aids and anti-depressants, she was exhibiting classic paranoid behavior. Not so paranoid though, as her husband isn't having an affair he's a Cylon. But being right counts for nothing on the Galactica.

After Cally intercepted Tigh's message about a meeting, Cally finally got the truth, and I'm sure she would prefer Tyrol being unfaithful to what she learned. She predictably flips out, beats Tyrol half to death with a wrench, and heads to the airlock to dispatch herself and her son until Tory catches up with her. Tory makes enough sense for Cally to back off, and then Tory takes the kid and deals a serious elbow to incapacitate her before finally airlocking her and that's that. RIP Cally.

Starbuck's merry band of Earth seekers turns out to be more extensive than just a group of random troops. The admiral sent her his best; guess he believes more than he thought. Helo, Gaeta, Seelix, Athena and Anders are all on the Demetrius. Starbuck, as we would all suspect, is having some trouble locating Earth. Everyone is a little stir-crazy, except for Anders, who just wants his wife to love him. Starbuck does a little hot and cold dance with Anders until she gets turned on and using frack in the most brutally suggestive way that the show has done thus far. Hot stuff, but this is only temporary respite for poor, crazy, deluded, and now lost, Starbuck.

Other Questions
What is the deal with Tory? Did Baltar flip a switch on her or something? She went from Fembot to Killbot in two seconds, what should we think of that? We know the least about her out of the final four, what will she do next?

Also, now that we ( I ) remembered that Tyrol's kid is a second human-Cylon hybrid (in the possession of Tory) what is in store for little Nick?

Story by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer