In Monday’s all new HIMYM, the gang recounts the story of surviving Hurricane Irene.  The storm blew through the east coast summer of 2011.

Kevin (Kal Penn) asks why there is a sign outside MacLaren’s that reads, “Absolutely NO Boogey Boarding,” and it prompts Ted to begin retelling the story.  Ted (Josh Radnor), always thinking ahead, had rented a car and offered to drive everyone out to his fixer upper in Westchester.  Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) asks the gang to swing by his apartment first to pick up a few things.  When they get there, Barney says the storm is not a big deal and they don’t need to go anywhere.

After a while of fighting, inevitably they end up trapped inside Barney’s building.  Throughout the night, everyone receives phone calls from their parents checking in on them to see if they are all right… everyone except Robin (Cobie Smulders).  Barney can tell that this bothers her, even though she won’t admit it.

Back in the present, while Ted is telling the story to Kevin, Barney strikes up a conversation with Marshall (Jason Segel).  He wants to negotiate a deal that would get him out of having to wear the ducky tie.  Earlier this season, Barney lost a bet with Marshall and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and as a result had to wear Marshall’s ducky tie all the time for a whole year.  First Barney offers favors, and then money, but Marshall’s ears perk up when he mentions slaps.

Way back in season two, Marshall won a slap bet with Barney earning him five slaps to be doled out at any time of Marshall’s choosing.  He used one right away, one later in season two, and two more during thanksgiving dinners over the last few years, leaving him with one slap remaining.

Kevin brings up a good point.  Why was Barney so eager to get rid of the tie all of a sudden?  He had been going along with the whole thing without complaint until today.  After prying for a response, Kevin confirms that Barney is planning on meeting Nora’s parents in two days and doesn’t want to look foolish in front of them. 

So… boogey boarding?  Oh, right.  Well it turns out that after the rain finally started to let up the gang headed over to MacLaren’s only to find out that it was closed.  Marshall picks up a trash can lid and says, “Hey do you think I could boogey board in the street with all this water?”  On his second run, Marshall crashes through the window at MacLaren’s, prompting the sign in question to be put up.

Back in the present, Barney agrees to add three slaps to the slap bet in order to take off the ducky tie.  Marshall goes ahead and uses two right away, leaving him two more in the bank.

The whole gang leaves for the night, and Robin and Barney decide to share a cab.  Barney asks if Robin ever told anyone about the weird moment they had the day they survived hurricane Irene.  It turns out they almost kissed until they were interrupted by Robin’s phone ringing.  It was Robin’s father, finally calling to ask about the storm.  As Barney and Robin relive this moment, they look into eachother’s eyes, and lock lips in the back of the cab.

Wow!  A lot happened this week.  A Barney-Robin relapse seemed inevitable at some point, but with the way that this episode had played out I really wasn’t expecting it to happen this soon.  Barney had just traded three slaps so he wouldn’t look stupid in front of Nora’s parents, and things seemed to be hitting off for Robin and Kevin.  How will they handle this?  Are they going to get back together?  Something tells me no.  Will Barney and Robin just try to pretend it didn’t happen?  That will certainly be hard to do, and clearly this is not the end of it between the two of them.   There are still unresolved feelings, and it will be hard for either of them to go on in other relationships without truly moving past it.

The legend continues every Monday on CBS.