News editors were working late into the night trying to figure out how to add a "-gate" suffix to the "scandal" that occurred during a photo op with junior G-8 delegates, President of the United States Barack Obama, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. "Bootygate?" How about "Baby got Barackgate?" Or "The girl from Ipanema-gate?" Maybe "Junior G-8 Delegate...gate?"

Fortunately for Barack Obama, who may otherwise have received a rather interesting welcome from his wife Michelle, there were video cameras there. MSNBC's video, below, appears to acquit Obama. Sarkozy, who is married to the beautiful Carla Bruni, only looks increasingly guilty (look for him on the far right).

Watch the video:

16 year-old Mayara Tavares, the target of the apparent gazes from the Presidents, has become a hot search for internet browsers looking to comb over every minute detail she has left online.

Story by Casey Johnson contributing writer

Image © Reuters