Bar Refaeli tweeted the above photo with the caption "Life's a beach" on Friday. No wonder she topped this year's Maxim Hot 100 list.

The Israeli supermodel stars in a hot new promo for her debut underwear line for, showing her sexy curves in a wet t-shirt and swimming in a thong.

The ad starts with the 27-year-old stunner reading a book poolside and daydreaming of swimming in the ocean, before jumping in the water in her glasses and underwear, book and all.

She keeps dreaming of swimming in the sea while pages of her book float by.

"I feel I look my best when I'm comfortable. Especially when it comes to underwear," she says on the website.

"My underwear is the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, I want it to complement it and not steal the show. There is nothing better than simple, comfortable, quality clothing.

"My work means I'm traveling all the time, rushing from city to city and wearing the most incredible, elaborate designs. I love it, but on my downtime I just want to relax and be myself. I don't want my clothes to define me. And that's the idea behind – a focused collection of beautifully-made basics that look good and feel amazing. That's all I need.

"Because underneath my clothes lies the real me. Nothing else."

Back in February, the gorgeous Refaeli modeled more designs from the underwear line while playing tennis (see it here).

"I LOVE THIS NEW VIDEO," she says via her Twitter account. (Note: the video does contain some nsfw images, but is tastefully done...)