With only a month left before X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3, it's time for the buzz to really ramp up! So today we've got three character trailers to give you a better idea of what to expect from First Class.

Sean Cassidy/Banshee is an Irish mutant that earns the codename from his power of sonic screams. He learns to harness the sonic energy to propel himself in the air and deliver accurate blasts to his enemies. He is played by Caleb Landry Jones.

Alex Summers/Havok generates powerful plasma blasts, but has trouble controlling them. He's also immune to heat and radiation. He is played by Lucas Till.

Hank McCoy/Beast is a brilliant scientist with superhuman strength. He also possesses oversized hands and feet that allow him to grip onto surfaces. Although he currently looks human on the outside, he begins to mutate further as he ages. He is played by Nicholas Hoult.

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