With recent studies showing that hair loss in men is a product of too much testosterone - not too little – more male celebrities than ever before are taking the plunge and losing their ‘dos.

With high-profile male stars like Bruce Willis, Sex and The City’s Evan Handler, and current American Idol, Chris Daughtry, buffing their chrome domes for the camera, it’s almost become tragically unhip to sport a full head of hair in Hollywood.

Flashing your once-perceived flaws for the whole world to see, demonstrates confidence – and confidence is attractive. By taking a razor to their remaining hair, these balding men’s men are taking a stand and showing the world once and for all that they’re not victims of hair loss – they’re pioneers of male style.

Bald is the new hair, and the Vin Diesels of Hollywood are throwing off the old antiquated standards of beauty, shooting them with exploding bullets and setting them on fire. Today, the hottest male celebrities are favoring the shaver over the shame.

But what of those male celebrities who don’t want to go bald? What of the Nicolas Cages, the John Travoltas (yes, even him), and the Tom Hanks’? They face a tough road.

With no cure for baldness in sight, male stars who refuse to face the truth and follow their confident counterparts must go to increasingly desperate lengths to hide the source of their shame. For Hanks it’s unflattering hairstyles.

For Travolta, it's a constant, immovable hairpiece. For Cage, it's a team of hair and makeup professionals to spin and weave his remaining hair until it resembles, at best, cotton candy at a carnival.

Desperation is unattractive. So is a hairpiece. The real reason we find Hollywood chrome domes so attractive is because they’re not afraid to be themselves. In the material world of perfect people that is Hollywood, physical imperfection is a breath of fresh air. Ultimately, it’s confidence and self-assurance that is truly appealing in a man. Hair is at best a distant second.

Story by David Smithyman
Starpulse.com contributing writer