Armed with an acoustic guitar, some drum loops and a Greyhound bus pass, Bad Flirt was once just a touring solo project for singer/songwriter Jasamine White Gluz.

After diving into the Montreal scene in 2002, a then small but vibrant community, Jasamine decided to expand Bad Flirt into a full group by enlisting various musicians she met on her travels. They then began an intense North American touring schedule that included shows with Paramore, The Kills and Bayside. It was at this time that the Canadian outfit caught the attention of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who deemed Bad Flirt as their new favorite band.

Bad Flirt showcases their high-energy pop rock on Virgin Talk, produced by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade) which was released last year through Kartel/Universal Music in Canada and is available now on iTunes in the US. The critical acclaim for the album led to such opportunities as a headlining spot in Toronto's Virgin Fest alongside MGMT and Foo Fighters.

Listen to the sweet pop sounds of "Mad Mad Madeleine World" here and watch the video for the danceable chaos that is "Hiroshima, Mon Frere":

"Mad Mad Madeleine World"

Hiroshima Mon Frere":

"Virgin Talk" on iTunes