With the money and resources that major celebrities have available to them, one might think they would all have perfect teeth.

Not so.

Despite all the available procedures -- from braces to correct crooked teeth and close gaps between the two front ones, to veneers, caps, crowns and whiteners, it's puzzling to think there are some big-name celebs, like Lindsay Lohan, with some not-so-desirable chompers (for the record, LiLo had hers fixed and whitened after the above photo hit the internet).

However, keeping one's original teeth is beneficial for some stars.

After all, dental work is usually painful and the recovery time is usuall a bit uncomfortable, but more importantly, some stars probably wouldn't land certain roles if it weren't for their unique smiles.

Here are 14 celebs who have chosen to forego any dentistry and keep their original 32 (or slightly fewer) teeth...