After Pumkin's dangerous decision to remove Chance from the competition in episode 6 of "I Love Money," the house is still reeling. Or rather, the Stallionaires are panicking. Their alliance has broken apart, for all intents and purposes, and they are actually a weak link now. Pumkin is proud of herself but smart enough to take the Entertainer's offer to move in to his room with Toastee for protection. The Blonde alliance (Pumkin, Toastee, Megan and Brandi C) all meet and giggle about how cool it was that Chance is gone, and target Hoopz next. At the same time, Rodeo decides to lose her mind completely and runs over to the Green Team to join them.

The new team captains are Heather and Megan, the latter of which planned to be it to protect Pumkin this week, and the Stallionaires make her swear on a Bible she'll do whatever they say. The Gold Team is pretty sick of their turncoat teammates at this point, and if they lose it is certain Rodeo and Hoopz will end up in the bottom. The challenge is introduced as "Road Trip Drag." They refer to the multiple places the shows were at, and now they'll be traveling to these four locations again ... sort of. There is a wagon that needs to be pulled from each 'location' where they eat the international cuisine and move on. Whoever gets to each place first and to the finish line wins. Rodeo has to compete since she sat out last week. Uh oh for the Gold Team.

The cuisine is hardly that bad. Sushi, steak, potatoes, shrimp, crepes ... this is hardly some horrible food challenge. People would pay for that kind of food and enjoy it well. In any case, the contestants eat it and whine about how hot it is, how much food it is, and Brandi C vomits while eating. In any case, the Green Team wins for the first time in five episodes! Everyone curls up on the ground vomiting to celebrate. Ew. Rodeo is stupid enough to dance and laugh as they come in second, which makes her team's hatred of her rise. She makes 12 Pack a birthday cake to try and win back her team's favor, but it does not exactly work.

When they got into the vault, the team quickly agrees for Hoopz and Rodeo in the bottom, and they cannot fight it out like before because Craig is standing right there. No running down the clock, Rodeo! Toastee volunteers to go in the bottom. Rodeo goes absolutely insane afterward, destroying 12 Pack's cake and screaming nonsense. Then the editing crew on the show make her look like the Hulk, which is instantly hilarious. On their outing, Megan tells the girls that they have to beg her dog Lily to keep them. This is funny and pathetic, and suddenly she becomes one of the best characters -- er, people -- on this show. When they get back, Whiteboy charms Megan and wants her to send Toastee home, trying to protect Hoopz with a single minded intensity.

At the elimination meeting, Megan saves Toastee first and calls her worthless. It is to keep people from knowing about their super secret double pinky sworn alliance, but Toastee is a little hurt. Megan takes the middle ground route by sending crazy backstabbing Rodeo home, which makes the Gold Team happy since she was a traitor, and the Green Team happy since they keep Hoopz. Well it doesn't matter now, really, because the team competition is over and now it is an individual competition. Whiteboy is extremely excited.

Everyone but the weakest links on the show seem to perk up at the opportunity to trust only themselves, so it is game on! This is the time when all of those people who believed in alliances will be in trouble, because the true colors are coming out. It will be interesting to see how the format of the show changes now, and how eliminations will work ... perhaps whoever does the best at every competition will be able to vote someone off? Tune in next week to see the show get even crazier, VH1 on Sunday's at 9 pm EST.

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer