The competition in "I Love Money" just got serious, because it is down to the top ten and there are no longer any teams. Every player is working only for themselves now, and alliances are pointless because only one can come out on top. Tell that to the contestants who are still all about the alliances and partnerships. Ugh. There will come a time on this show when the Moneygrabbers realize all the diplomacy was for nothing, and it is fast approaching. For now, however, the alliances are as follows: Whiteboy, Real, and Hoopz vs 12 Pack, The Entertainer and Heather vs Brandi, Toastee, Megan and Pumpkin. Megan confesses that she wants to get in on Whiteboy's team, and everyone else there wants that team broken apart.

Rodeo was the last sent home, and it is time for individual challenges. This one is perfect for the theme of the show: backstabbing to win. Dolls have been set out on the beach with names on each of them, and the contestants have to go up and choose who to throw a knife at. Into their backs. Way to make things very literal, show. The new set up for these competitions is that whoever wins will be paymaster, and whoever is the first person eliminated will immediately be in the box to go home. The two remaining box names will be decided by a majority vote afterward. Whiteboy very quickly becomes eliminated when Brandi, 12 Pack, and Pumkin hit him all in a row. He sulks out of the competition.

Megan gains the distrust and hatred of her girl-alliance by hitting none of the people they asked her to, and just randomly choosing people ... most noticeably the ones that Whiteboy would want her to. She admits to having a crush on him and wanting his attention. This is interesting, because there is a rumor going around that Megan was dating one of the producers as this show was being filmed. One has to wonder what he thought about her manipulating the house to protect her crush object. In the end stands 12 Pack, Real, and Toastee. Real knocks 12 Pack out, but 12 Pack is given a chance to knock him out as well in retaliation. This leaves Toastee as the winner of the challenge, and therefore the paymaster. She is going to end up winning the entire competition, just you watch. Her or Brandi.

12 Pack is convinced that Toastee will do the right thing and throw out Whiteboy, so he volunteers to be placed in the box without complaint. This is the moment in the episode when everyone realized 12 Pack is going home. Poor naive idiot. Whiteboy makes peace with Pumkin and Toastee, promising them safety from the next competition if they save him. Two competitions from now, when his promise is no longer important, those girls will learn that he used them to take out his competition and will pick them off one by one until he stands alone with his friends. And the girls will deserve it. In any case, the Entertainer and 12 Pack volunteer to go into the elimination box because they trust Toastee.

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Toastee goes on the trip with the three heavy hitting boys of the competition, and let them fight over her ... er ... who should go home. She speaks privately with 12 Pack, and reassures him. At the same time, Megan is working on the girls in their alliance to persuade them that Whiteboy should be saved, and 12 Pack is the bigger threat. Somehow she comes up with a solid argument, and everyone is swayed. Even Toastee, since 12 Pack is indeed the one sent home as Whiteboy smiles all deviously. It is too bad that 12 Pack didn't learn how untrustworthy these people are before that last knife hit him in the back. Welcome to reality TV on VH1, man.

Next time on "I Love Money," Heather and the Entertainer are in danger without 12 Pack, and Whiteboy's brigade is on top yet again.

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer