Holly Durst was left confused and in tears after Michael Stagliano professed his love for her on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” season 2. Michael had been showing his love by inviting her on dates and giving her immunity roses, but Holly’s overnight date with Blake Julian prompted him to lay it all out on the table – an action that wasn’t exactly reciprocated.

The drama began when Blake invited Holly on his one-on-one date. The date was very romantic, and the pair had a fantastic time – all while Michael was at the house pacing back and forth thinking about what could be happening on the date. What was happening on the date was the pair forming a bond and kissing a little, something Holly fessed up to right after Michael told her it was impossible to live without her. And while you couldn’t help feeling terrible for Holly as she was crying during her one-on-one interviews, saying Michael had broken a piece of her she didn’t know if he could fix, it was hard to shed a tear for her when she was snuggled up with him in the driveway prior to the rose ceremony.

When it came time for eliminations, there was again a campaign to get rid of Vienna and Kasey, particularly Kasey, but it didn’t pan out – no surprise. William Holman and Melissa Schreiber were eliminated instead, but William’s elimination got lost in the drama of Melissa’s pre-elimination rant. Melissa appeared to spend the entire rose ceremony stalking the men, so it was no surprise that they voted her out. But in defense of her paranoia, most of them had spent the night lying to her face. Anyone else tired of Kasey Kahl lying to your face?

Highlights of “Bachelor Pad” season 2, episode four:

ABC had viewers sitting on pins and needles for the last week, dying to hear the presumably dramatic goodbye speech of Jake Pavelka. Well, no surprise the speech was completely anticlimactic. Jake said power couples needed to be taken out, he was pleased to have met Kasey, and the wrong man went home that night. All hope of a huge meltdown that outed fellow houseguests was quickly pushed aside when we all remembered this was Jake, someone trying to make his ex-fiancee look worse by being the bigger person. In the limo, Jake said he was upset he didn’t win the money but was happy to leave the house.

While viewers will find it hard to believe, especially after the season 2 houseguests’ reactions, the kissing competition from last season was the most popular competition of the season among season 1 houseguests, according to ABC, which is why it was brought back for round two. Chris Harrison barely finished his sentence before Graham, Kasey, Vienna and Michelle opted out, yet when everyone lined up for the challenge, Michelle was the only person who did not participate (fyi: for a very commendable reason). No surprise, the competition was horribly uncomfortable. How it works is the contestants are brought out blindfolded one at a time and kissed by each contestant of the opposite sex. The blindfolded contestant votes for his/her favorite based on their spot (number) in line. The man and woman with the most votes wins the immunity roses. Yes, Melissa was convinced by Blake’s kiss he was in love with her. And yes, the women were completely disgusted by Kasey’s breath. But the real story was the Holly-Blake/Holly-Michael kisses. While they were very similar, Holly’s kiss with Blake seemed to go on for hours, and it was impossible not to blush while watching them attack one another. At one moment you couldn’t help but think, How long until Chris Harrison tells them to get a room? One all the making out ended, Chris Harrison announced Ella and Blake were the winners and announced each would be going on a one-on-one date with the person of his and her choice.

Ella invited Kirk on her one-on-one date, which was absolutely the perfect choice! It didn’t seem like a romantic date, despite a nice little kiss at the end of the night, but the pair appeared to have the best time chatting over pizza and s’mores. Kirk explained his near-death experience (as if he isn’t tired of telling that story!), and Ella opened up about the tragic death of her mother. They discussed their plans for the money, and they bonded. In my opinion, if they stay out of the drama, they could win the entire thing because they’re likeable and deserving.

No one was in a worse spot this week than Blake, although, no one can deny he put himself in that spot. Melissa assumed she was getting the date with him because they’re partners; Erica tried to seduce Blake into taking her on the date by oiling him up with a massage; and Holly and Blake shared a steamy kiss during the week’s competition. When Blake invited Holly on the date, she was stunned and Melissa LOST IT! Immediately, she dragged Michelle upstairs and burst into tears. No doubt, Blake’s safety was in jeopardy from that moment on despite Melissa’s constantly crazy behavior. When Blake tried to take to Melissa about the situation, she stormed off and started campaigning against him and Holly, who she didn’t believe was shocked to be invited on the date. Melissa attacked Holly, who said she just wanted to get out of the house, and then continued to stalk Blake.

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