Immunity roses sent Blake Julian and Erica Rose home on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad.” I know, it sounds like an error, and it doesn’t make sense that holding immunity roses can get you sent home, but I didn’t say they got to keep the roses.

Blake and Erica, who partnered at the beginning of the episode, earned a date during the week’s challenge. Since they didn’t place first in the competition, they didn’t earn immunity roses for themselves, but when they arrived at dinner, two immunity roses were waiting for them – to be given to another couple.

So, who did the couple decide to give those roses to? Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl! Yes, you read that correctly. The one team everyone, including Blake, has been gunning for is the couple they chose to save. The reason Blake and Erica gave Kasey and Vienna the roses was because they promised the couple safety; Blake and Erica believed Kasey would be able to persuade the other couples to save them. Unfortunately, it was Michael Stagliano who had the most pull this week, convincing Michelle Money, Graham Bunn and Holly Durst, of all people, it was time for Blake and Erica to go home. Holly was torn about the decision but chose to side with her partner, Michael, who she had promised she would stand by until the end.

It’s hard to say the couple was confident going into the rose ceremony, but, with Kasey and Vienna on their side, you can’t blame them for feeling it was going to be a good night. Despite promising to save them, Kasey didn’t do the greatest job keeping them safe; in fact, viewers only saw Vienna giving reasons to get rid of Ella and Blake.  

And as the limos drove away, the subject of conversation wasn’t did Kasey and Vienna let us down, which tends to be the case this season – it was all about Holly! Erica was angry she wasn’t able to clean up the mess she believed Holly had made, and Blake was devastated to have left her in the house.

Highlights of “Bachelor Pad” season 2, episode five:

At the beginning of the episode the houseguests were told they needed to partner and learn everything they possibly could about their partner. They also were told they would be voting in pairs and eliminated in pairs. The pairs are: Michael and Holly; Blake and Erica; Vienna and Kasey; Michelle and Graham; and Ella and Kirk.

This week’s challenge was the Nearlywed Game. The couples were asked questions about themselves and their relationship, and two dates were up for grabs. While the game was funny at times (really Kasey, Vienna’s exes miss her teeth?!), it also was incredibly awkward at times. Everyone – not just Michael – was fairly outspoken about disliking Blake, and when Holly was asked which houseguest she’d like to sleep with, she said Blake but Michael said himself. Graham and Michelle won the challenge, completely knocking it out of the park thanks to a very specific strategy. Unlike the other couples, which were going on truth, Graham and Michelle were going on a strategy, having already designated specific answers for specific categories – a strategy that turned awkward/worrisome when Graham was forced to say he lost his virginity at 7 years old (no worries, not true!). A couple that did not hit it out of the park, although they assume they were going to blow everyone out of the water, was Vienna and Kasey. Honestly, I hope it was just the pressure that got to them; how can you not know anything about your significant other yet claim your relationship is perfect? Even worse, how can people that have known each other for only a few weeks (Blake and Erica) know 10 times more about each other than you? Ugh, it was pitiful!

As winners of the challenge, Graham and Michelle enjoyed a helicopter ride to a private movie screening. The couple looked adorable together, and you could see the sparks flying. There really isn’t too much to say about their date, but that’s a great thing in the world of reality TV! Both Graham and Michelle were totally smitten, and it was nice to see them taking it slow. It also has been nice to hear the pair has continued to take things slow (thank you for the update “Bachelor” contestant Natalie Getz!).

Obviously, living in the “Bachelor Pad” house is not the ideal setting for a couple, but I never expected things to go this haywire. One night in the house Kasey and Vienna burst into the kitchen midfight. Kasey was telling her to calm down, and she was going off on him about a ring and sex. When we finally started to pay attention – I don’t know about you, but I tend to zone out after the fight no. 18 – we learned Vienna was angry because, according to her, Kasey had ripped her ring off of her finger because she wouldn’t have sex with him. What?! Kasey’s claim was Vienna was going back and forth on wanting to have sex. The whole thing was completely bizarre and a little confusing, but in the end Vienna stomped off to go “cuddle” with her love. Basically, it was five minutes of my life I’m angry I’ll never get back.

Blake and Erica’s date started off fairly normal. The pair was invited to explore the catacombs of a beautiful Spanish hotel, enjoying a glass of champagne and some strategy chat. But all of that normal went right out of the window when the couple arrived at dinner. When Blake and Erica arrived at dinner, two immunity roses were on the table. Of course, they were hopeful the roses were for them, but the roses were actually for another couple of their choice; and while Blake was all business, Erica was looking for pleasure. She was practically throwing herself at Blake, and at one moment during dinner it appeared she was rubbing a, ahem, sensitive area of his. Blake continually tried to convince Erica they should go back to the house, saying the longer they’re away from the house the worse it looks, but Erica wasn’t taking no for an answer. The entire conversation was completely bizarre. Erica was, in the most blunt way possible, telling Blake he needed to have sex with her because he was her partner. When he refused, saying he didn’t want to hurt his reputation in the house, Erica made a huge fuss, called him out for disrespecting her, and told him they were probably going to be eliminated because he wouldn’t stay the night with her. Now, in Erica’s defense – at this point incredibly tough to do – her logic was the closer the couple, physically and emotionally, the further in the game they’ll go. Blake was so annoyed by the conversation that he got up, paced for a few minutes, and walked away.

With Jake out of the house, thus no more Jake/Kasey/Vienna drama, the Holly/Michael/Blake drama continued to be the show’s main focus. On Monday, Michael continued to profess his love to Holly, telling her his arms were completely open to her when she was ready. Instead of sitting quietly, as she had done in the past, Holly confronted Michael about his timing. She was frustrated that in the three months after their breakup and before arriving at the “Bachelor Pad” house Michael never came to her with this news of his returned feelings, which was a great point. Later, Holly told Ella she was feeling caught between everyone in the house telling her she should be with Michael and the amazing feeling she has when she’s with Blake.

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