Despite another shot at trying to take down the “Bachelor Pad” 2 power couple, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl finally managed to oust their number one enemy, Jake Pavelka, on Monday’s episode. Prior to the rose ceremony, Jake told viewers he was going to take some people down with him if he was eliminated, so when Kasey’s name was called to receive the final rose I was anxious and excited – and then we cut to masked synchronized swimmer Jeff Medolla. Talk about frustration! Not that Jeff’s performance wasn’t top notch, but I really hate having to wait until next week to hear Jake go off on the houseguests. Anyone else think ABC has us holding our breaths for nothing? Wouldn’t be the first time!

So, how exactly did Jake land himself in the limo headed home? Well, if you have to ask you obviously haven’t been paying attention to reality TV for the last two years! But I’ll rehash it anyway because I just love reliving the drama.

Jake found a saving grace on Monday in Erica Rose, who was crushing on him enough to petition to save him. Jake had Erica wrapped around his finger. The pair were shown making out and were constantly holding his hands and rubbing each other’s arms and legs in private. Unfortunately for Erica, Jake had absolutely no interest in Erica and was really only using her to get her vote and the votes of the other women. Unfortunately for Jake, Erica was one of the worse people he could’ve aligned with, as she was knocking on elimination’s door as well.

Surprisingly, the pair did well trying to take down Vienna and Kasey – “trying” being the key word. Chris Harrison said it was the closest vote in “Bachelor Pad” history, and you know that rat is going to come out sooner or later.

*Note: A reader brought up a great point, therefore I felt it was important to add this note. We don't know for positive Jake is the person leaving, but it seems safe to assume since we've never seen the name called of the person not receiving a rose at the night's rose ceremony. I don't have insider information; this is simply my gut feeling. I'm completely open to other's interpretations of what happened at the end of the episode, so feel free to leave a comment!

Highlights of “Bachelor Pad” season 2, episode three:

At the beginning of Monday’s episode viewers saw the continuation of the Blake/Melissa cocktail party drama. All Melissa said she wanted was an apology and an admittance that he was playing her. She thought the pair had a really romantic date, so she couldn’t understand why she would catch Blake cuddling with Holly. Of course, viewers know it’s because Blake is actually attracted to Holly and only used Melissa for a rose – but shhh, don’t tell Melissa! At first, Blake seemed willing to play along with Melissa for the good of his game, but he wasn’t willing to be railroaded. Blake is definitely paranoid now that Melissa is off telling all of the women – the people who would ultimately vote him off – he is a whore. It’s hard to blame Melissa for being upset because your emotions are your emotions whether its reality or reality TV, but it’s also hard to forget how crazy she is getting after only one kiss with the guy.

A favorite moment of this episode was definitely the challenge. Usually I just fast forward over because the competitions are either mean or over-sexed, but this one was nothing short of HILARIOUS! The competition was girls vs. guys synchronized swimming, and while one may have assumed the girls would have no problem, it was the guys that hit it out of the park – well, as far as you can hit it with only three hours of training. “Bachelor Pad” season one winners Natalie Getz and Dave Good returned to thrown in their two cents, but it was a professional synchronized swimming coach that chose the winners of the immunity roses – Michael (second challenge win) and Michelle.

Does anyone know why Kasey and Vienna is a couple? Based on what I’ve seen this season, I have no idea why two people would subject themselves to so much negativity. I understand this is a stressful game with so much money at stake, but then again, why would you stay in the game if it was causing such chaos in your relationship? Are you really that greedy? The pair play on Twitter like they’re the happiest couple on the face of this Earth, and I hope they are because we all deserve that, but we have yet to see that couple. On Monday, the fight was about Vienna being too nice to Jake – another thing we have yet to see. Kasey told Vienna she needed to stay away from Jake and stop trying to win America’s sympathy vote. He told her she needs to get over the “physical and mental abuse” she suffered at the hands of Jake. Kasey told viewers Vienna is a bigger fame whore than Jake and loves to have all of the attention. I’m not one to defend Vienna, but Kasey’s outburst stemmed from Vienna saying “Good job” to Jake after the week’s competition. Really? Um, whose “bat sh*t crazy” now?! The couple’s relationship continued to look strained when Kasey presented Vienna with a beautiful ring to celebrate their anniversary and Vienna first said “I don’t want that to be an engagement ring” and then laughed when he gave his romantic speech. Even worse, Kasey said he felt Vienna was thinking about Jake when he gave her the ring.

Leave it to Michelle to upset two women when choosing bachelors for her date. Not only did she get the look of death from Vienna for inviting Kasey, but she also saw fire in the eyes of Melissa for inviting Blake. Vienna and Melissa had nothing to worry about, though, because Michelle had had her eyes on Graham for a while, and their date was the perfect opportunity to let him know exactly how she was feeling. She opened up much more than I expected, and it was adorable to see the pair so happy. I can’t help but have the Gia/Graham situation in the back of my head, though. Gia was devastated but Graham’s betrayal, and after only knowing him a few days, who’s to say he won’t do the same thing to Michelle. It wasn’t all about Graham on the date, though. Michelle pulled Blake aside to try to persuade him to apologize to Michelle, not only because she’s a sweet girl who got wrapped up too fast, according to Michelle, but all for the sake of his safety in the house. The next day Blake took Michelle’s advice. While he didn’t exactly apologize for his actions, he did claim that if he wasn’t serious about her he wouldn’t be trying to work things out. Poor Melissa, who bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker, but their happiness didn’t last long. Blake admitted to Melissa at the week’s cocktail party that he didn’t want to be romantically involved, an admittance that caused her to completely break down – again!

Michael invited Ella, Vienna and Holly on his date. Holly prayed he wouldn’t invite her on another date and planned to keep her distance from him – no idea why she would partner with him if she wants to keep her distance – but that wasn’t his plan. Michael seems to think the pair can work out, but Holly isn’t ready to make a decision on their relationship. Yet, on the date they went. For their date, the quad went on a beautiful horseback-riding trip on the side of a mountain. Of course, it’s hard to enjoy your surroundings when a certain someone – ahem, Vienna! – won’t shut up about “the stupid hat,” the pollution, the smell (which was of honeysuckle, by the way), etc. It’s amazing no one pushed her off the side of the mountain with how negative she was! No surprise, Michael pulled Holly aside for some time alone. She questioned his “friendly” behavior, and Michael told her he was so happy to be around her again, not because he missed having someone but because he missed having her. You could tell Holly was struggling with hearing Michael be so open, but she doesn’t think they’re meant to be together; and we hope Michael realizes that sooner or later because we hate to see him broken-hearted. That realization didn’t come on this date, though, as Michael gave Holly the rose, and the pair ended the date being serenaded with Brett Michaels.

Because two women were eliminated last week, all of the women were safe this week. If a woman had had to be eliminated, it probably would’ve come down to Melissa or Erica, and after Erica felt Melissa and Jake were talking privately for too long, she spent every waking moment trying to bring out Melissa’s crazy side so she would be sent home – not too hard to do, I suppose.

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