Just when we thought Matty and Jake were the only ones on legal lockdown, Jenna, Luke and Tamara created their own version of being under lock and key in "Prison Breaks" ep.

We pick up where we left off: six happy couples crowding Tamara’s car are replaced with two mopping singles just shy of an Adele-like meltdown. Shaking off Matty’s verbal sting, Jenna offers to get all their grooves back with an impromptu college tour of hotties. Sadie blows off the rebound road trip whereas Tamara is 100 percent down to go; given her lifeline/stalker feed (her phone for those wondering) has been stolen.

Kinda like Jenna’s brand new boyfriend. Guess that surprise wasn’t just for Luke as Jenna is equally shocked to see her preppy beau sans shirt being straddled from behind by a leggy brunette. This counts as 9.0 on the humiliation scale.

While Jenna is stunned into silence, Tamara talks for them both. Threatening to turn the brunette’s long locks into a Anne Hathaway do circa 2012 a la "Le Mis." Only she won’t use scissors. Verbal taunts are all Tamara throws in the air as Luke’s defense is to introduce her as his bestie, better known as Shane. She adds lesbian to that bio. Whew!!

Just as officer hard-ass promised, Matty and Jake are shipped to the county jail where they make their pinstriped debut, okay, okay; it was really a blue jumpsuit. But didn’t Matty pull it off well? It was enough to attract attention from the orange clad inmates. Yet it might be for another reason…the sexual preference placement questionnaire comes to mind.

Matty and Jake take advantage of that one phone call rule or at least try as Jake needs an instruction manual for the pay phone. (ahhh, Millenials. Wonder how he’d use this artifact?) First call?... Jenna? “I’d rather die in prison than call Jenna,” says Matty. Oookkayy, Plan B and the only other digits off the top of his dome is Sadie. Unfortunately, she thinks it’s her spazz guardian Allie and doesn’t accept the charges. Womp. Womp. Jake calls Jenna for Plan C. But, she’s preoccupied or like most of us won’t sacrifice minutes for unidentified callers. Who else is guilty of this? *raises hand*

Remember that party college Jenna and Tamara visited a few eps back? Welp it’s converted into lame city during midterms. Warning, any attempts at hooking up with a college guy will be regrettable. For instance approaching said boy heavily binged on a blend of tuna, beer and corn chips will result in a full on stench face assault. Tamara is a witness.

Jenna has also seen firsthand how much of a Type A personality Luke is about his studies. Thinking a moonlit sky on the roof will help loosen things up; Jenna inadvertently locks them up there.