Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night, for some more than others (heehee). Jenna and Tamara discover their college selves. NEWSFLASH: they couldn’t be more different. Matty continues to self-medicate on his adoption woes and Lacey has a super fun frat party night.

Let’s dive in; the “Overnight” ep opens with Tamara and Jenna multitasking: combing Southern Coast University campus for hotties while simultaneously quizzing each other on their college interviews. Tamara’s “in” will be her name (Talent, Ambition, Mindfulness, Ability, Reflection and Acronyms) her usual go-to method. Jenna was less obvious, but way more cliché. She kinda, sorta thinks her writing and leadership skills will unlock the door to higher learning.

Just when she’s about to study what the shirtless ab god is throwing her way, he slinks past her (do you blame him with those faded school sweats and dusty cap her dad draped on her?) and goes straight to her mom?! The nearly-naked cutie slips Lacey an invite to a party tonight. Sorry Jemara, invite only. Cue the discomfort in the air.

It’s a feeling Jake is starting to catch wind of being around Matty’s rebellious F the world ‘tude he’s displaying lately. Matty is razor sharp close to scratching the surface of his discontent with his best bud. But Jake’s online lover aka Tamara has really bad timing when it comes to sending texts. And the shield shades go back on.

Don’t you wish Jenna’s dad was wearing them? So he can be blinded by every landmark, dorm or bush that manifests a pop-up college memory. “We get it Kevin, yooouuu went to college,” says Lacey. And I concur.

Meanwhile back at Palos Hills High, Val has noticed Matty’s distant behavior and attempts at self-discovery. She comes up with this theory: he’s gay. And why wouldn’t he be, it’s all the rage these days. There’s that Ellen lady. Yeah, Val, Kudos for mentioning the Silver Fox (Anderson Cooper) but Ellen’s been out for years.

Speaking of going out, Jemara attend their first frat party that will help establish what sororities to pledge, according to Tamara. And while she’s in her element with her rapid tongue college twin dispensing the merits of soror sisters: pancake breakfasts and matching ink, Jenna is longing for mature company that doesn’t require her to hold up two 40 ounces like a tree ornament. Preferably the studious tour guide, Luke that made her speechless earlier in the day. So, they separate. Hopefully not for good, come next year. We already lost Ming (nope, still not over it.)

Just like Matty’s not over getting liquored up to avoid his pain of being adopted. After what looks like many shots between Eva, Sadie and Jake, Matty’s on the losing end of the penny shots game. But with not even a flip of the coin, he and Jake are winning when Eva wants to skinny dip in the hot tub. Thinking she’s got one over on Sadie, she raises the stakes by following suit, or rather dropping hers. Bras included. It’s not long before their both topless. Quite the turnaround for Sadie, who shied away from showing her body a few years ago, now is letting it all hang out. Matty’s reaction: “Damn Sadie,” speaks for all of us.

And he was finally ready to, after dipping his toes in a small make-out sesh with Sadie—who aggressively volunteered to tuck him in—that freaked them both out. But not nearly as much as Matty’s reveal to her that he’s adopted. It’s the first time Sadie has to be the consoler, although we all know she’s got a soft side for Matty, and this scene expresses it with them spooning in bed. From an outsider (looking at you, Eva) it would come off as suspiciously romantic, which is why that pic Eva took could be very dangerous if in the wrong hands (cough, Jenna, cough).

Although I wouldn’t be too concerned since she found Luke at a literacy center fundraiser, bonding over books must’ve been a real turn on because they were hooking up in his dorm soon after. Around the same time Matty was texting her. Burn.

Meanwhile, Tamara was getting so lit by alcohol she had to keep a scorecard on her arm, which backfired in her college interview. I would advise you not to use those writing pens again, Mr. Harvard. Tamara wasn’t the only one taking the campus walk of shame. Spurred by the Greek life and acting on her jealousy towards hubby’s college days, Lacey turned up at the same party Tamara was at. She had a lot of college partying to make up for. After all, Kevin was hitting the books while she was changing Jenna’s diapers.

The morning after consisted of sunglasses and advil for Tamara and Lacey, and Jenna was more bright-eyed and focused than ever. What a difference a college man makes, I bet the crossword puzzle helped too. Not only did Jenna seem to ace her college interview, but she may have landed a new college man. So, she’s done with high school boys, sorry Matty. Your overnight text has been deleted. Does it mean their officially done too? Also, how will Jake payback Tamara for catfishing him? Sound off in the comments below.