With Princess Azula hot on their tails, the kids travel deep into the Earth Kingdom in search of an Earthbending master for Aang. There they encounter an Earthbending tournament, a tank-train full of giant lizards, and a library buried deep underground. To top it off, Appa is captured!

Episode Descriptions:
- Volume 2, Chapter 6
Still looking for an Earthbending teacher for Aang, the kids come to a town where they hear about an Earthbending tournament Earth Rumble Six Aang is certain he'll find a teacher there. The Earth Rumble tournament is like our version of wrestling with a lot of extravagant, muscley Earthbenders with unusual nicknames and specialized moves. (Examples are The Hippo, the Boulderand The Gopher. They sport moves like "rocking the boat" and "burrowing".) The objective is to knock your opponent out of the ring. The kids are very impressed with all the Earthbenders but none of them seem to be right to teach Aang. Until the final Earthbender comes out. She is a small blind girl and the champion of the tournament, nicknamed "The Blind Bandit." Aang is certain she is the right girl but when he goes up to talk to her, he ends up having to fight her!

- Volume 2, Chapter 7
Zuko, who is now on his own (no longer traveling with Uncle Iroh) is worn-out and hungry as he travels on his ostrich-horse through the Earth Kingdom. Considered and enemy to the Earth Kingdom and a traitor to the Fire Nation, Zuko is not welcome anywhere. He comes to a small Earth Kingdom town where bully Earth Nation soldiers are keeping the town in fear. Zuko stands his ground when faced with the menacing Earthbenders and helps to keep a young boy, Lee, out of trouble. Lee takes Zuko to his meet his family. Zuko is welcomed to stay and he ends up helping Lee's father around their farm. When the Earth Nation soldier thugs come to the farm to cause trouble, Zuko again stands his ground against them. Zuko has flashbacks of the last times he saw his mother and to the rise of his father as Fire Lord.

- Volume 2, Chapter 8
The kids (now including Toph) are chased by a relentless and mysterious tank-train. Several times the kids land and set up camp just to see that the tank train is coming right for them again they quickly get on Appa and leave. After this happens a few times, the kids finally decide to face whoever is in the tank-train. But when they realize that it is Azula, Mai and Ty Lee they decide the best thing to do is keep running.

This is the first episode with the Mongoose Dragons. These are large animals that Azula, Mai and Ty Lee ride on. They are a cross between a Mongoose and a basilisk, a lizard that can run across water. While they travel on land they are on all fours but they are also able to stand on their hind legs and sprint across water.

- Volume 2, Chapter 9
For Aang's first Earthbending lesson the kids come to a large, natural rock quarry. Aang is excited to start Earthbending but his first attempt to bend a rock results in him being thrown back and the rock not moving. Toph tells Aang that his is not connected to the ground enough. The element Earth is the opposite of Air and therefore Aang has a tough time being grounded being "Rock-like". Meanwhile, Sokka hunts a baby saber-tooth moose-lion, following the little animal into the woods. But right as Sokka pounces on the baby animal, he falls and gets stuck in a hole.

- Volume 2, Chapter 10
Looking for information to defeat the Fire Nation, the kids meet an archeologist, Professor Zei, who knows of a secret library with an endless amount of information. The only problem is that library is hidden somewhere in the middle of the desert and Professor Zei has never actually been there. But the kids decide that with Professor Zei's knowledge and Appa as a means to get in and out of the desert, they can find the library. After a long search the kids finally find the library, buried, sinking into the desert. The kids enter except for Toph who decides to wait on the surface with Appa.

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