With their new studio album, The Ten Tenors bring the house lights up on the Academy Award® winning-career of film soundtrack icon John Barry and his celebrated lyricist, Don Black. For this special project, a 90-piece orchestra and percussion section backed the popular Australian vocal group for an album dedicated to some of Barry and Black's most poignant scores.

With Barry serving as executive producer, the album's 12 tracks were recorded in the main studio at the legendary Abbey Road studios with Grammy®-winning producer Simon Franglen at the helm. The Ten Tenors' voices mesh seamlessly on more than an hour of emotionally charged music featuring the London Session Orchestra conducted by arranger Nicholas Dodd, the man behind the music on the last five James Bond films. Here's To The Heroes hit stores on September 12.

Song selection for the album was a sifting process, says Barry. "Plenty of easy options were shelved. We didn't want to be in a comfort zone. The Bond themes and songs we did use are huge international hits already, but they've been reborn." On Here's To The Heroes The Ten Tenors revisit a pair of legendary Bond scores with covers of "You Only Live Twice," which was originally performed by Nancy Sinatra in 1967, and "We Have All The Time In The World," which was recorded in 1969 by Louis Armstrong during his final recording session.

The album also includes a trio of songs Barry and Black wrote several years ago, but never released: "There'll Come A Day," "Tick All The Days Off One By One" and "Just To See Each Other Again." Black says, "These are typical John Barry in that they have his recognizable signature-and they give the album an identity."

The Ten Tenors have captivated audiences around the world with the group's trademark, "Opera without the Boring Bits." Formed in Brisbane, Australia, in 1995 while still university students studying for opera careers, The Ten Tenors mounted their first full-length show in 1998 and set out on an extensive Australian tour during that academic year. The group leapt to international attention in 2002 as the surprise guest artists at the Eurovision Grand Prix de la Chanson held in Kiel, Germany. Their live show has been winning over audiences around the world ever since.

In typically Australian manner, The Ten Tenors never take themselves too seriously, so while they are capable of singing dramatic, moving ballads, they can also cut loose with an ABBA, Bee Gees, Beach Boys or Queen song in their live shows, even throwing in some choreographed dance moves to make the performance as much fun for them as for their audiences.

Here's To The Heroes Track Listing:

1. "Just To See Each Other Again"
2. "Les Choristes"
3. "Here's To The Heroes"
4. "We Have All The Time In The World"
5. "Buongiorno Principessa"
6. "There'll Come A Day"
7. "Places"
8. "You Only Live Twice"
9. "Tick All The Days Off One By One"
10. "Who Wants To Live Forever?"
11. "Somewhere In Time"
12. "Gladiator Suite: Now We Are Free/Il Gladiatore"

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