A bassline splinters and crisp beats pulse out of the monitors at the Audio Bullys studio. Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks are lost in the sound and the moment, because they're doing what Audio Bullys do best: creating instant music. They expertly mix up house and garage, beats and basslines, music and words to make a sound that could only occur from within London's metropolitan sprawl.

Their 2003 debut album Ego War (click for review) introduced the rest of the world to their unique sound which was neither pure hip-hop, nor uncut house or rudimentary garage, but all three - a uniquely young, British and energetic musical chemistry. Ego War went on to win 'Best New Artist Album' at the Dancestar Awards in Miami the next year.

A lot has changed in the two years since Ego War, and it shows throughout their new album Generation (in stores now). The new album has developed into a broader palette of sound and emotion; tracks like the Suggs (lead singer from Madness) collaboration 'This Road' duly reveals a far more nuanced sense of musicianship, as does their collaboration with Roots Manuva on "Made Like That". Subtlety is where Generation is at. "The more you make music, the more you can have an idea and just make exactly that thing happen," says Dindsdale. "The more relaxed you are, the easier you find it."