Actress, singer, and now producer - High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has almost done it all. She recently sat down with Boohoo StyleFix Magazine to explain her taste in fashion.

When asked to describe her style in three words, Tisdale said, "Anything can happen! I don't like to label my style as one specific thing because I am the type of person that expresses kind of daily how I feel so I can go from, you know, really boho to edgy rocker to like really laid back California style. There are really so many different things, I don't really stick to one style. I like to do my own thing."

However, that mash-up style has led to some... interesting fashion choices. "I've had MAJOR fashion faux pas. When I say that I've always done my own thing, a few years ago when I first started in the business, I would go to red carpet events and I just did not know what I was doing, I just had no clue, and so one time layering was really big at the time so I decided to layer every single thing in my closet on me. I had a t-shirt, a skirt, I had jeans on, a shawl, what was I thinking?!"