After a night of the Bachelors “telling all” Ashley has to choose which man will have the liberty of proposing to her. Will it be Ben or J.P.? Ashley tells her family that she is in love and ready to get engaged but can’t decide which one because they are both so great. J.P. is first up to meet the family and you can tell that he is nervous, we would be too if we were meeting Kat Von D, or Ashley’s sister. Immediately her sister disses him and says she doesn’t think that he is the one. Ouch, bring on the tears. After disagreeing with her sister she goes crying to her brother, who has clearly never been on a tropical island because he is a sweating his face off and getting a massive sunburn after five minutes in the sun. Ashley’s sister cuts right to the chase and goes to J.P. for the drilling questions. He tells him that when Ashley said he didn’t make her laugh, it was the big clue that he wasn’t the one. J.P. seems speechless when she tells him that he is much too old for and “too much” for his personality. This girl does not mess around- if he proposes to Ashley, she wouldn’t be happy. Ashley’s sister is going to influence the way Ashley feels and J.P. is pissed about the fact that she thought Ashley had more feelings with Brad than with J.P. and Ashley did nothing to stand up for him.

Now its Ben’s turn to go in front of the firing squad, “let’s go meet the fam.” The two seem very comfortable around each other but Ben is sweating profusely through his shirt. Note to self, do not do doggy voices on ABC. We could tell Ashley was overdoing it to show her sister that she can be herself around Ben. Ashley’s sister pulls him aside and grills him like she did J.P. but we get the feeling that she actually approves of this guy. Cue the upbeat music and a smile on Ashley’s sister’s face and we think we have a winner to the key to Ashley’s heart. Although she did give J.P.’s buns a little pinch just like she did Ben’s. “Bye buns!”

Ben gets the first date and the two take a helicopter ride to a “sexy” mud bath and rub each other down with muck. Too bad when they get back to the states they won’t have ABC to foot the bill for their dates and they will be bathing in a real mud pit. Okay, we are just a tad bit jealous. Next, Ben takes her in the bedroom and sits her down next to some champagne and a custard desert and says he loves her in so many words. She doesn’t say it back but they definitely get it on.

Ashley choses a nicely padded bikini top for her date with J.P. and is still noticeably upset about her sister’s reaction to them as a couple. Side note- they only drink Fiji water in Fiji. J.P. is very defensive about their relationship and it’s almost like Ashley is trying to force him to give up. He tells her that he is madly in love with her and she whispers, “You’re the best boy ever.” If that isn’t a nice way to let someone down, we don’t know what is. Then J.P. has to turn it around and give her a photo album with a hand written poem that is the start of their life together….we shall see.

The two boys head out to meet Neil Lane and select the gorgeous diamond rings that they may get the chance to give to Ashley, their future wife. We are coming to the end folks and we are still torn as to who Ashley is going to pick to spend the rest of her reality show life with. As she waits on the mountain top cliff for her men to come down to her from the sea plane, we are almost as nervous as she is. First off the plane is Ben and we can’t remember if the first guy off the plane is the reject or the winner? Does it even matter? Oh my goodness, we are so nervous right now. Is she crying because she is happy or because she is ready to tell him that she loves him? He gets down on one knee and proposes and she pulls him back up and says sorry. It’s not him, it’s J.P. Wow, we didn’t see that one coming. He walks away from her completely shut off and full of anger and as she tells him that she never thought they would leave on these terms, he tells her what other terms would there be? He sarcastically ends it by saying, “J.P.’s a wonderful guy and I’m sure you’ll have a great life together.” How embarrassing for Ben.

J.P.’s sea plane is about to land and little does he know she is ready to say yes to his proposal. Given the situation with Ashley’s sister, we think it was definitely the poem J.P. wrote that moved him to the top of the leader board. He tells her he is madly in love with her and she accepts his proposal, time for the J.P. montage to REO Speedwagon. Now run into the ocean and ruin your couture dress you silly lovebirds.  The End.