Barry Allen arrives in Starling City to help with the case for personal reasons involving his murdered brother and wrongfully imprisoned father. Barry lies about his reasons for coming to town and flirts with Felicity for awhile and then meets the man under the hood. Barry adds a new dynamic to the scenes involving the trio. The dynamic’s more playful, loose and light, until what he reveals about his parents. Barry and Oliver share more than concealing truths from people in common. I don’t think Barry’s the fastest man on the planet yet, or knows he is, because he relies on the train to take him to and from Central City. His potential within the group is promising for each character and for the overall dynamic. He’s a love interest for Felicity and a future tag-team partner of Oliver. He’s also the key to saving Oliver.

The first part of a two-part episode never ends triumphantly for the hero, as I already wrote, but it bears repeating. Faith took Buffy’s body at the end of ‘This Year’s Girl.’ Last year’s mid-season finale had Oliver at his absolute lowest. It took weeks for him to recover. Oliver surviving the serum is a given but what happens to him because of it is the mystery. The affects of the serum are mysterious. Again, Oliver’s line suggests one thing but it’s a deliberate misdirection by the writers.

Other Thoughts:

-So many moving parts in this episode, friends and well-wishers. Moira’s connected with Ra’s Al-Ghul. Malcolm broke a rule when he undertook the “Undertaking.” Moira used that against him to get him to stop pestering her about Thea.

-Thea sort of got to do something this episode but not really. Willa Holland rocked a black dress, though. Colton Haynes was great when he walked through Queen manor with eyes wide open and gazing at what was around him. Roy later took an arrow to the thigh.

-Andrew Kreisburg & Geoff Johns wrote the episode. Greg Berlanti and Kreisburg got the story credit. Michael Schultz directed it.

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