At the start we find our hero and the huntress waking after a night of passion (that we didn’t get to see).  But we don’t linger in Oliver’s bed long.  Helena is off, up, and back to her killing ways once again.  Girl sure doesn’t waste time does she? On her rader:  the Triad.  She wants to knock off the head of the Triad and then get the criminal organization (along with China White) to take on her father.   But thanks to Oliver her initial attempt misfires.

He sweetens up the bitter sting of failure by taking her on a second date however.  It’s a little weird because he’s giving off relationship-y vibes and she’s still in warrior princess mode, so they spend most of the time arguing over who gets to decide between right and wrong.  He just wants to help her kill people without hurting innocent bystanders.  But she’s already accepted that there will be casualties in war so she thanks him for the sex and disappears.

Oliver retreats back to headquarters where he burns of steam by flexing his muscles and makes women everywhere swoon.  The billionaire play boy just wants to spend some time sulking and feeling down on himself but Diggle pounds on the warnings anyway.  She’s dangerous.  She’ll hurt you.  Blah, blah, blah.  Oliver isn’t in the mood to learn a lesson just yet though.  Besides he’s already got on his white knight suit and there’s a pretty girl out there that needs saving.

He goes by her house to try and talk to her again but not before running into her father, who practically gives his blessing for marriage before exiting the foyer.  Daddy Bertinelli knows a paycheck when he sees one.

In an attempt to convince her that his way is better, Oliver takes Helena to Sarah Lance’s grave and talks about how he killed her.  The gist is:  I’m pretty but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain.  It feels slightly douchebag-ish to use the death of one girl to woo another girl because let’s face it here he isn’t thinking with his head anymore.  Helena pretends to hold out on him but we know how this ends:  it’s about to go down … again.  [I personally wish they didn’t have to torture each other emotionally first.  Is this the alternative to sado masochism?]

They head off for the Arrow HQ where he attempts to teach her archery, but she’s horrible.  She lacks impulse control – a factor that will get her into more trouble as the episode progresses.  However Oliver still isn’t deterred (most of been some lay) he showboats in an attempt to show her that bows and arrows are sexy and bullets are for wimps.  But really?

While they are busy flirting Diggle comes in and spoils the fun.  He’s cold to Helena and it’s instantly clear:  the bodyguard isn’t getting any.  She leaves.  And Diggle tries and fails once again to get Oliver to understand that women are every man’s kryptonite.  Tough talk for a man who is clearly biding his time before he can trample all over his brother’s grave in an attempt to get between the sheets with his former sister-in-law.