The next day, Oliver shows Helena her new super hero costume and a new weapon: a crossbow, the bow and arrow alternative for us lesser thans.  Equipped with her new get-up, they take on their first justice-run together:  Anthony Venza, a drug dealer. 

As they walk into Venza’s pill factory, he’s making a sales pitch to another bad guy.  They hurt some people, call the cops, and get another bad guy off the streets; hurting her father financially in the process is just an added side bonus.    [I don’t remember him just calling the cops before.  Is this the start of a new MO?]  She agrees that Oliver’s way feels good; but it’s unclear if she only enjoyed this because of the pain it would bring to her father.

Oliver treats Helena out to dinner at some hot new restaurant to celebrate their victory.  And the dinner spills over into B-plot land because Tommy and Laurel are also there.  See Tommy is too poor to get priority seating at an expensive restaurant (the life and times of the poor), so thanks to a suggestion by Helena they all wind up at a dinner table together.

Things get awkward fast and Helena sums up why fairly quickly:  Laurel.  Tommy huffs off after Laurel brings up his financial troubles.  He personally doesn’t like Oliver’s white knight suit.  She runs after him but he’d rather cut his loses early on so he breaks up with her.  And soon after their relationship cools off, so does Oliver and Helena’s; she doesn’t want to be the rebound.  [I see more sparks between Oliver and Helena than him and Laurel.  Oliver is batman and Helena’s cat woman.  Laurel’s just that chick that died in the second movie (Dark Knight).]

Dumped and defeated, Oliver confesses to Diggle that he was right all along.  And Diggle decides to rub his noise in it by pointing out that you can’t change a person who has already changed (or more accurately:  you can’t change/win over a girl with major daddy issues).  Oliver knew it deep down all along (or so says his ego), he just thought that with all he is giving up, the universe would throw him some ass every now and then.  Not so.

Helena is dealing with their break-up differently.  She’s made it to the Triad’s base for round two and this time she is successful.  She takes out the Triad boss and leaves one bad guy barely hanging on to life so that he can tell the rest of the bad guys that this was all her daddy’s fault.  Game On.   

China White and her crew kill their way through most of Daddy Bertinelli’s guards with ease and go through the house searching for him.  The white-haired Triad assassin is about to make the kill too until Arrow intercepts and saves Bertinelli’s life.  He tells him to run and the crime boss quickly obliges.  Unfortunately for him though, daughter is waiting.  She gets off one round; lets him see her face, so he can feel the betrayal before he dies and is about to go in for the kill before Arrow interrupts.  He doesn’t think she wants to know what it’s like to kill a family member.  But it turns out her father doesn’t have those same reservations and he uses this time to get her cross bow and shoot her.  Arrow knocks him out.  The cops pick him up.  And Oliver is crazy enough to think that Helena would be satisfied with this outcome, so he spills out his feelings for her.  She was just in it for the sex though and apparently it wasn’t good enough to warrant changing everything about her new self (off night(s) for the hooded super hero?), so she dips. And this time it looks like for good or at least for a good long while.  I miss her already.  Take Laurel instead and I’ll throw in Thea for good measure!

And now, the B-plot in 100 words or less: 

Moira wants her husband to forget all that weird shady stuff.  He married her shady and she hasn’t changed, so he should continue being ignorant to it.  But it’s kind of hard to when she keeps making up lame excuses like an emergency board meeting at an art museum.  He’s employed ‘hot computer girl’ to look into Moira’s side dealings with an evil empire.  Tommy and Laurel make up once he apologizes for flinching after she stepped on his ego.  He goes to Oliver for a job; he is now general manager of the nightclub we have yet to see.   

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