Arrow opens up with a bank robbery – or business as usual in Starling City.  The crime is carried out by a ski-mark wearing group known as the Royal Flush Gang.  They’re skilled, working on a clock, and attempted killers of a cop, who attempts to save the day.  And just when it starts to look like they are going to get caught, they are revealed to be smarter than the responding cops by having a Plan B and an alternate escape route.

Elsewhere in the city, Oliver is literally beating Diggle into shape and revealing the name of their latest target:  Scott Morgan.  But the former Marine has different plans; he wants to take down the Royal Flush Gang for their complete disregard for authority.  Oliver brushes off the idea and points out that it was never his intentions to handle street crimes.  He isn’t a super hero – he can’t save them all he tells the bodyguard.  Diggle isn’t dissuaded however and points out that the billionaire playboy will need to broaden his definition of ‘bad people’ in order to really cure the city of its ills.  And plus, we all need a break from that list.

But it is a bit of a surprise when Diggle calls Oliver from a hospital to reveal that Scott Morgan has attempted suicide.  Really?  Not not really – it was just a ploy to get him to the hospital to meet the heroic cop’s wife.  Diggle has arranged for the best care for the cop at Oliver’s expense and now they are on track to taking down RFG.

Naturally the plans include breaking into a police station with ridiculous ease.  But they’ve quickly come across info on the RFG:  They are a family.  The Reston family to be exact.  And you know what they say:  A family that commits crimes together… usually ends up in a prison serving 8-10.

At the RFG’s next robbery, they are nearly captured by Arrow and the police department, but they manage to escape albeit without any money.  The parents are starting to get antsy, the heat is picking up, but the kids want more, so they decide on one more bank – if only all family meetings when this way.

Oliver is feeling a tinge of guilt about turning them in too because as it would happen – they are broke because Oliver’s dad laid off Mr. Restin and about 1500 others one week after telling them their jobs were safe.  So he goes to a local haunt where Reston is and offers him a job if he’ll stop his illegal dealings.  But Reston isn’t about to take another deal from another Queen, so he turns him down.  How could Oliver not understand why he wouldn’t want to?!  Anywho, the rejection means that the RFG must go down.  And they do – Arrow corners them and is preparing to take them down when a security guard comes in and shoots the dad.

I found it harder to label the bad people in this episode.  The RFG aren’t really hardened criminals, they were a product of decisions made by bad people.  I just don’t know that they deserved what they got – blame the economy it blurs everything!

On the island:  Oliver in his hunger induced delirium sees his father, who once again reiterates his son’s responsibility to save the world.  How about not shooting yourself and cleaning up your own mess?!

Oh right, and in sub-plot land (in under 100 words) – Tommy tried his best to woo Laurel but she wasn’t interested.  So he sought advice from a messed up teenager (Thea) on how to win her over.  Thea of course completely misread Tommy’s plight and convinced herself that he is in love with her.  Leading her to unwittingly not only push Laurel closer into a relationship with Tommy but also save Laurel’s job.  Momma Moira is sad her man is gone and no one notices but Thea.  And we are introduced to Carter Bowen, an obnoxious do-gooder know-it-all, who has yet to prove why he needs to exist.