At the end of last week’s episode Oliver was arrested by Detective Lance for a slew of charges including obstruction of justice and murder.  But we start the beginning of this week back on the island where Oliver and Arrow the First (hereby known as ATF) are trotting through the forest in search of a meal.  Oliver can’t yet handle the bow and arrow, so he’s been tasked with fetching whatever ATF kills.  Unfortunately for him, black hooded ninjas are waiting to take him hostage near the dead fowl.  Take this as a note boys and girls:  forests and abandoned secluded islands are no place for the beautiful yet dumb.

In real-time Oliver is at the precinct failing to plead his case to Laurel’s dad.  But he doesn’t need to be innocent because he’s got money and his mom’s got him an attorney:  Laurel.  It’s a clear conflict of interest but she shows up at the bail hearing just as the prosecution is moving to have him reprimanded. Oliver gets fitted for an ankle bracelet and confined to his huge mansion where he promptly begins planning a “might be but probably not going to jail” party.  Diggle of course takes issue with this idea however it turns out that it was Oliver’s plan all along to get caught on video with a green hoodie because people can’t be expected to play dumb forever. 

The latest target is a German arms dealer, who has stolen a lot of military grade weapons and plans to sell them in Starling City. Oliver may be confined to the mansion, but Diggle can and will stalk the dealer with the help of some tech gadgets at the Queens Factory.

Elsewhere in sub-plot land – Walter, Moira’s unassuming husband, talks to the company’s head of security and reveals his discovery of the remains of the Queen’s Gambit.  As the head of security at a large company it’s hard to believe that this is the first questionable thing he’s been asked to do, so it’s a little hard to care when this small request gets him killed later on.

Meanwhile back in the main-plot - Oliver’s case is falling apart rather fast.  The prosecutor was blind sighted by the arrest but is willing to offer the billionaire playboy an insanity plea that will require him to spend an indefinite amount of time in a cushy mental hospital.  Oliver counters with an offer to take a polygraph test to prove to Laura’s daddy that he isn’t who he is – undoubtedly a skill he picked up on the island.

And speaking of the island – the next throwback scene reveals none other than Edward Fyers, head of the black-hooded ninjas.  He wants info on ATF, but billionaire boys learn early on that you never rat out your friends and/or the people who feed you on a shady island, so he’s all like “I’ve never seen that Asian dude I was with earlier.”  Nothing makes him budge including when Deathstroke sticks a sword in his fleshy parts. 

Back in the present – Moira is still having shady dealings with actor John Barrowman’s un-identified but well-dressed character.  He thinks her son is too much of a risk to the “list,” so he’s going to go behind her back and attempt to have him killed later on in the episode.

Oliver at the moment however is currently at the police station, a notoriously bad place for assassinations, passing a polygraph despite lying through his teeth.  He really digs deep to pull off the shipwrecked tortured hottie for this scene – it’s beautiful and eye roll worthy at the same damn time.  Laura’s heart melts but her dad isn’t budging from the Oliver = Arrow train.

Later that night it is revealed that the gun deal between the German and some local thugs is going down faster than expected, so Diggle, who Oliver only planned on involving on some light foot work, now has to go stop the deal with green hoodie while Oliver parties.  Are we seriously supposed to believe that no one would notice that Arrow suddenly got black?  Apparently so.  And this is why the Starling City bad guys keep failing at life – the devil is in the details.

Back at the party, Oliver gets Laurel in his bedroom.  And while that alone should have led to the best scene of the show – it instead features Laurel apologizing for not asking about Oliver’s suffering on the island.  It would be cute but seriously no one is this forgiving and long suffering.  He played a role in her sister’s death for goodness sakes!  She makes up some excuse about wanting to see his scars so she can feel him up.  They kiss and somehow their relationship is exactly where it was last episode.  She tells him that nothing can ever happen between them …until sweeps because she knows he is a dirty filthy hot liar and she wants as many people to watch as possible.

After she leaves, he gets a confirmation from Diggle that the gun deal was a bust and then greets Barrowman’s assassin at his bedroom door.  They tangle.  It is impressive.  But Detective Lance is the one who ends this fight with a few rounds to the upper chest of the killer – Oliver’s ankle monitor told him to do it or something like that.  While he’s there, Laurel’s daddy also informs Oliver that Arrow has been spotted elsewhere and he is free to once again be the hooded hero, which he scurries off to do immediately by ending the German’s life.  “…you’ve failed this city” dribble aside – the show is picking up steam and showing loads of promise.  Won’t you come back next week…