Previously on "Arrow":  We were introduced to Oliver Queen, a billionaire play-boy, just as his yacht capsized.  He was canoodling with a girl later identified as his former girlfriend’s sister.  She dies.  He ends up stranded on a life boat with his dad and some other guy, and his father perhaps delirious from the recent events, decides that Oliver is the sole person that can right all of his wrongs, and promptly kills the other guy, and then himself.  Oliver ends up on an island – gets rescued – and returns to his home where he is a care-free play-boy by day and a green hooded archer by night taking down Starling City bad guys.  Oh yea, and his mother is evil.

Episode two, “Honor Thy Father,” wastes little time in identifying this week’s target:  Mr. Martin Somers, a shady businessman who is connected to the Triad.  Somers it seems had an innocent dock worker killed after he found out something he shouldn’t have.

Oliver gets “legally resurrected” by the courts and then heads off to deal with Somers, who is also being sued by Laurel Lance, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend turned lawyer.  The baddie says everything he can to convince Arrow that he is willing to confess to his ways after the hooded hero dispenses of his bodyguards with ease, but then quickly changes his tune once his life is no longer in danger.

He not only doesn’t confess to any wrongdoing he sends Triad assassin China White to clean up the mess – as in kill off Laurel and the daughter of the dock worker. 

Elsewhere, it seems that Oliver’s mom Moira would like him to take on a position at his father’s business, but he isn’t interested.  He is perfectly okay with her new bed-buddy, Walter Steele continuing to run things.  Plus, it is hard to be a play-boy, a hooded vigilante, and a business man.  He’s clearly no Batman.

Meanwhile at home, Oliver’s sister Thea wants him to know that he wasn’t the only one that suffered.  But he’s all dismissive about her plight because well, super heroes don’t have close friends.  Lovers in the nighttime however?  Yes, please!  So naturally he takes his sister’s advice to talk to someone and heads over to Laurel’s house to put in some face-time for the season-long seduction.   And his timing couldn’t have been better because just as they were reminiscing over the past in comes China White with her ninja moves. 

His bodyguard, ex-solider Diggle, handles White pretty well on his own but our hero helps seal the deal with a kitchen knife.  Everyone is safe. And White scurries off in search of a better time when both she and a certain fella in a green hood can really show off their fighting skills without interruption from the peanut gallery.

Laurel’s dad, a cop in Starling City, rushes to her house moments too late of course, and blames Oliver for her being in danger.  He agrees and sulks away with Diggle, who is now wondering who exactly he is in charge of keeping safe.

Better time for the China White vs. Arrow showdown occurs just as Arrow is coercing a confession out of Somers.  They fight and for the first five minutes of this tango it doesn’t even seem like they touch each other – by far one of the more polite combats I’ve ever seen.  Neither come out the victor as the police swoop in and Arrow is caught by Detective Lance.  He nails the cop’s gun to the wall with an arrow however and escapes.  Turns out the arrow also doubles as a recording device and on it is the confession from Somers.

The ending sequence brings two big surprises that we will hopefully explore soon:  Oliver wasn’t alone on the island, and his mother had something to do with the sabotaging of the yacht.

Lingering Questions:

Who will find out about Oliver’s other personality first?  Diggle?  Tommy?

Oliver isn’t going to say “[insert bad person’s name] you’ve failed this city” after every take-down is he?  Where is Christopher Nolan when you need him?!!

How many of these arrows does he have?  He was dispensing them rather liberally during his “talk” with Somers.

How is it possible that Stephen Amell is just getting a lead role?!  Those looks.  Those Abs. And acting skills to boot?!