Rumors are spreading that Arnold Schwarzeneger and Maria Shriver are getting back together, and for good reason - the couple hasn't officially filed for divorce.

Despite the married couple breaking up in 2011 over the former California governor's marital indiscretions that led to an illegitimate love child, neither Arnold nor Maria has gone to court and asked for a judge to make it official.

There are two theories as to why: For one, TMZ reports the two have already agreed to evenly split their $400 million net worth, so neither of them is in a rush to grab the other's money. The other theory is that the two have hopes they can work it out and stay together.

Arnold was spotted with the much younger Heather Milligan back in February, but it's fair to point out she's a high-profile physical therapist that may be in a working relationship with the Hollywood star.

Just this last weekend, Arnold and Maria looked pretty happy to be together for their daughter's graduation.