Roxy and Trevor: Continues to work with Canessa, who is having all kinds of problems with her sister. Her sister winds up in the hospital on an overdose. Canessa feels she can't go anywhere because she has to take care of her niece and nephew. Trevor tells Canessa how she can change their situation for the better through the Army's benefits.

Canessa enlists. Trevor promises to look in on her niece and nephew. His first recruit!

Pamela and Chase

Chase hobbles along on his broken leg, but that doesn't stop him from telling grieving Jeremy that he still needs to be where the action is, and that he should consider Special Ops. Chase also ribs Trevor about having a "desk job."

Pamela catches Chase in a lie. Chase said that he was visiting a friend in the hospital, but she found out he was really at a shooting range. A huge argument breaks out.

Joan and Roland

Joan leaves for Iraq. Baby Sara Elizabeth comes down with a very high fever. She has bacterial pneumonia. Luckily the antibiotics worked quickly, because Roland didn't tell his wife when she called that the baby was sick. He didn't want Joan to worry.

Denise and Frank

Jeremy comes home in one piece. Denise and Frank throw a barbecue for him. Jeremy visits Mark's parents. He tells them how Mark was killed. They thanked Jeremy for being such a good friend to their son.

Claudia Joy and Michael

They were not a major factor in this episode. They're boring; I really don't think anyone would miss them if they were written out of the show entirely.

The end is near. Only one more episode of Army Wives until the season finale!

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Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer