What a week for our friends this has been on Army Wives! This was a great episode, power-packed and suspenseful, and rich in triumph!

Denise and Frank
They are continuing to date. Denise wants to take things to the next level-she wants to be back under the same roof. Frank says he wants things to be right this time. Denise is probably just sick of motel accommodations.

Roland, in one of their heart-to-heart discussions, gives Denise the male point-of-view. He says Frank probably can't get the image of Denise with another man out of his head. Image is everything.

Pam encourages a timid woman in her class to start her own business. The woman takes Pamela's advice, and has a presentation in Pamela's home. Unbeknownst to Pamela, the woman's wares are different types of sex costumes and paraphernalia. She makes over $600 bucks. Roland got a mystery prize. He was the only man there.

Claudia Joy
Claudia Joy wants the FRG to donate $1000 to help Haneen. Of course, being Evan Connor's wife, Jennifer opposes this and bumps heads with Claudia Joy.

Jennifer begins to plot and plan against Claudia Joy. She does have her proponents, who feel she should start her own group.

An officer comes to visit CJ and tells his story about how the Iraqi translators helped him and how important they are to the war. This man ends up speaking at the FRG meeting. No one could argue with the man. Even Jennifer was touched, and the FRG will help Haneen.

Roxy and Trevor
Roxy bought something from Madame Sex Stuff and Lucky the Dog chewed it up. She didn't like Trevor was staying up so late preparing for War Games.

War games are serious business. Trevor decides this is his chance for redemption.

Joan tells her husband that she is going to mop up the floor with Connor.

However, she suffers a crucial loss in the first round of War Games. She decides that something is seriously wrong. Joan figures out that there has to be an inside leak of info. She orders that all communication will be personally delivered to the officer in charge.

However, Joan's men are ambushed. Trevor, holding the briefcase, is surrounded by enemies and is forced to run. He leaves the confidential info. Joan accepts none of this irresponsible behavior. She lashes into poor Trevor in front of everybody.

It turns out that Joan has pulled off a major upset! The briefcase contained false information, and ol' Connor was left standing in a field of "dead bodies." He, too, was "killed." Frank, who was the observer, said Joan pulled an "excellent tactical reverse." Our guy Trevor actually was a decoy, and Joan gave him much kudos, including for taking a serious "public ass-kicking."

Joan uncovered that the mole was an ex-roommate of Connor's.

Connor's punishment was swift and severe. He reported to General Michael Holden, who termed Connor's defeat as the "worst in the history of Fort Marshall." Michael also told Connor that his use of a spy was deemed cowardly and violated the integrity and spirit of the games. Connor was dismissed and sent to a Pentagon desk job. Yay! Ding, dong the witch is dead!

Joan is praised for her character.

How Cool Is That Moment of the Week: Frank to Connor in the middle of the War Games battlefield as the laser hits Connor's chest: That means you're dead. Fall down. Connor sinks to the ground in a dazed stupor.

Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer