Where we left off on "Army Wives": Claudia Joy, Michael, and Emmalin-The General has been appointed to a plum NATO assignment in Brussels, Germany.

Roxie and Trevor LeBlanc-Betty's nephew Collin wants Roxie to sell him her share of the bar.

Joan and Roland-Joan got word that she will be deployed to Iraq.

Denise and Frank-Denise, in her quest to find herself, has had an affair with a patient. She and Frank have separated.

Pamela lost her radio show.

Season Premier, Sunday June 7

Claudia Joy, Emmalin, Michael
The show opens with Emmalin joyfully romping through a Dillon, NC motel parking lot with boyfriend PFC Logan Atwater. They are planning to be married and talking of chili cheeses dogs being an anniversary tradition. All this was squelched by Corporal LeBlanc (Roxy's husband), who was waiting to shower the happy couple with a doomsday report. He scared the heck out of Logan by telling about life as a soldier facing AWOL, dishonorable discharge, and life with the General as his surly father-in-law. Logan bolts, leaving Emmalin devastated.

Logan is shipped off to Korea.

Emmalin staunchly refuses to go to Brussels. Claudia Joy decides it's best for her to finish out the school year at the base. She doesn't want to lose another daughter. Michael reluctantly agrees, and he goes to Brussels alone.

Roxy and Trevor
Roxie and Pamela find it odd that Betty never mentioned having a nephew. The pompous, cocky Collin continued to goad Roxy into taking his buyout. He straight out told her that he didn't want her to be his partner and to take or leave his offer, which he dropped to $15,000 from his initial $30,000. Collin really is a con man who was an orderly at Betty's hospice. Guess he picked up pertinent info from Betty's babbling while in a drugged state. He was arrested due to a set-up by Pamela, who lifted his prints off a glass.

Roxie and Trevor are walking a financial tightrope. She burned up the car's engine.

Joan and Roland
Roland tried to talk to Emmalin but to no avail. Roland was the one who figured out that Emmalin's situation is way more serious. She is probably still grieving her sister's death.

Are there no other guys for him to hang with? Maybe he should just stay at home with Joan and the baby. It's weird to see him stuffing pillowcases with the women.

Joan's Iraq deployment is still going to happen.

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Denise and Frank
Denise lost her job because of her dalliance with patient Riley. Then Riley decided to go back to his girlfriend. Bear in mind that the girlfriend had already confronted Denise, and she was probably the one who ratted Denise out to her hospital superiors.

As they had a heart-to-heart conversation, Denise was very nice to Riley. She at least should have snapped, "Dude, I lost my job over you!

News of the affair and firing spread with lightning speed. Frank was totally in the dark about this, and heard it from a fellow soldier. Frank then volunteered for a dangerous special ops mission. Perhaps he feels he has nothing to live for.

Denise, feeling hopeless and out of control, turns to Claudia Joy. Claudia Joy, newly separated from her husband and feeling alone, closed the door in Denise's face. It's a sad rainy night.

Tragic Figure of the Week: Denise

Poor Denise. Yes, she deeply hurt Frank as well as her son Jeremy, but you just can't hate her. She seems so sincere, caring, and painfully naïve. Denise went all the way to the left and her emotional affairs with both the doctor and the patient were totally wrong, but you can't help but root for her. However, she has dark days ahead.

Kudos to Frank for honoring his marriage vows. His character also evokes sympathy.

Best Line of the Week:
Michael to daughter Emmalin: "Lock this door again and I will kick it down." That's not the only thing of Emmalin's that needs to be kicked.

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Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer