On the latest episode of Army Wives:

Claudia Joy, Emmalin, Michael
Emmalin goes back to school. She tells a friend that she dumped Logan because he's a loser, and "who wants to be with a soldier anyway?" She then retreats into the nearest washroom and dissolves into bitter tears. Emmalin continues to shut her mother out.

Claudia Joy is having homestead woes, not being able to find an affordable house to rent and having all of her furniture reshipped to her current home. To add insult to injury, she finds out that the army base resident snake Jennifer will be renting her current home.

Roxy and Trevor
The taxman cometh to Roxy and the bar. Betty owed $26.000 in back taxes, and the lot falls on Roxy. Roxy tries to get a loan, but to no avail. While in the parking lot walking back to her car, she comes to the aid of a woman who has her purse snatched. Frustrated and angry about everything, Roxy pummels the guy. Enter Viola Crawford, a jazzy, good-natured woman who takes Roxy out for a drink.

Viola ribs Roxy about the bar and its menu. She later personally arranges for a babysitter and takes Roxy to a poppin' place with good food, music, people and dancing. Viola encourages Roxy to be herself.

Roxy strikes a deal with the taxman.

Trevor wants Roxy to sell the bar, be a normal wife and have more babies. This concludes with doors being slammed.

Joan and Roland
Roland is not having a good time with the whole househusband thing. He's doing ironing, watching soaps, and grudgingly accepting coupons from women at the commissary checkout line. He complains to Joan that someone that he once tutored now has a prestigious position at a top hospital. Joan responds by giving him her grocery list. Clearly, this is not he.

He sits around coffee-klatching with Roxy, Pamela, and Claudia Joy. Denise is the hot topic of conversation. Roland decides he will reach out to Denise.

He walks out of Pamela's class, not wanting to be surrounded by women that he totally cannot relate to. They treat him like another army wife. Pamela confronts him about this later, and Roland vents about being reduced from his vaunted position as a published psychiatrist to a diaper-changer.

Denise and Frank
Denise is treated as a base pariah. She has a very strange moment in the grocery store with Roxy and Pamela. The only thing they could find to talk about is strawberries.

She finds out by watching TV that Frank's unit is pinned down and cut off somewhere south of Baghdad. Denise is scrambling trying to get information, even turning to Jennifer. Jennifer was very frosty towards Denise and didn't want to tell her anything because of the separation.

Denise goes to Claudia Joy and asks her to find out info from Michael. She refuses Claudia Joy's offer to come inside. Hard to forget when a friend closes the door in your face.

Thankfully, Claudia Joy delivers the news to Denise that Frank is okay and would be returning back to his base.

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Pamela started teaching her class, Army Family Team Building. She came to the Burton home to ask Roland why he abruptly left. Pamela was insulted by Roland comparing himself to "lovesick girls who fell in love with a man in a uniform." She said that she, too, had a great career.

Of all people, Jennifer is now doing the radio show that Pamela once had.

Bruised Ego of the Week: Roland

Life on base is getting to him. But you gotta give it to him-it takes a strong dude to stay home with a baby all day while his wife goes off to attend to matters of home defense. I'm sure he has a computer; he can still write books!

Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer