A whole lot of checkin' going on! Attitudes, opinions, fur flying, and folks weren't having it on Army Wives!

Roxy, Trevor and the gang

Roxy hires a band for the Hump Bar. A woman wanders in, asking to work for a meal. She's Stella Ray, a singer from Roxy's native Alabama, who's apparently fallen on hard times. Roxy recognizes Stella, and reaches out to help her. Stella reveals that she has a son on the base that she doesn't know. She wants to see her son and set things right before he ships out to Afghanistan. Roxy helps to locate Stella's son.

Viola doesn't approve of Roxy trying to help Stella, but changes her mind when she hears how well Stella sings. The band is impressed and asks her to sing with them. Stella refuses.
Stella has had a not so stellar music career. People she trusted ripped her off. Roxy tries to encourage Stella to sing and lets her know how much her music had helped once. Roxy was once in an abusive teenage marriage, and it was through one of Stella's songs that Roxy gathered strength to never let that happen again.

Roxy had left word for Stella's son to call. The guy calls (on Roxy's cell phone) then refuses to speak to Stella. Stella then storms out of the bar in defeat, attempting to hitch a ride out of town. Roxy runs behind up and pleads with Stella to come back. Then she got mad at Stella's defeatism. She told her she was a fool.

Roxy put Stella in check.

Stella goes back to the Hump Bar, sings, wows the crowd, then decided to leave for Nashville.


The comic relief is on Pamela as she loses her wallet. One becomes very invisible on base without proper ID. They would not even let her get a new ID without having ID. Her catch 22 ends when it's discovered that while at Roxy's house, Lucky the Dog had stolen the wallet and buried it.

Joan and Roland

Joan has a meltdown because she realizes that she'll miss all of Sarah Elizabeth's firsts. Roland, in true man style, tried to do something really sweet by dressing the baby up in a Halloween costume, saying that it will be her first Halloween. He had other holidays planned. Awww, how sweet! But Joan wasn't buying it. She said it was something he couldn't fix. Roland then told his wife that she was the one who decided to go to Iraq, so she needs to get over herself.

Roland put Joan in check.

Denise and Frank

Frank is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and becomes Michael's G3 (Whatever that means!). One thing it does mean is he will not be deployed to Iraq. Yay! He and Denise can continue to be the lovebirds they've become.

Claudia Joy and Michael

Claudia Joy invites Denise and Frank over to celebrate Frank's promotion. Michael isn't too thrilled about it, saying that nothing was official and CJ should have talked to him about it first. CJ didn't feel that it was a big deal since they've supped together on many occasions.

During dinner, Frank gets a phone call and Claudia Joy needed to check the soufflé. Michael and Denise sit through an uncomfortable silence. Clearly, he has no love for Denise. She tries to make conversation. Michael excuses himself from the table.

Later, Claudia Joy is not happy. Self-righteous Michael says that Denise goes against everything he stands for. Claudia Joy asks him where does compassion fit in with all his so-called principles.

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Claudia Joy put Michael in check.

The next day, Denise comes to Michael's office. She thanked him for promoting Frank. She told him that she will regret her mistake for the rest of her life, but she doesn't intend on paying for the mistake forever. Denise said that she would keep their interactions brief and cordial. Claudia Joy will continue to be her friend, but she and Michael don't have to be. And with that, she flounced out.

Denise put Michael in check.

Michael went home and told his wife that he was wrong.

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Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer