On the latest episode of Army Wives...

Claudia Joy, Emmalin, Michael
The hits just keep on rolling with Emmalin continuing to set new lows in surliness. She decides she won't eat the breakfast her mother cooked because of the unfair treatment of pigs. She complains about the boxes all over the place. Claudia Joy, still being patient with Emmalin, should have stuck a piece of toast down the girl's throat and told her to start cleaning up.

Claudia Joy tries to help Pamela out about the housing situation, to no avail.

Michael came home. At this point, we don't know why, but he announced that he was home for good. He didn't act like there was a problem.

Roxy and Trevor

Roxy gives a tax sale to sell off stuff from Betty's and pay the IRS. Her plan is to reopen as the Hump Bar, a place with a more down home atmosphere. Roxy made enough to pay off her taxes.

During a training exercise, a soldier's rifle accidentally discharges. Trevor, of course, must assume responsibility for the snafu. Evan Connor gives Trevor a harsh reprimand. Trevor must spend infinite Saturdays at the rifle range checking rifles to make sure they are locked, and he will get a severe letter placed in his file.

Trevor feels he failed his big opportunity.

Joan feels Connor did this to Trevor as an indirect attack against her.

Joan and Roland

Roland is called to the hospital because of a young man, LaSahawn Hunter, who has been admitted under restraint. Roland finds that the family already has a cocky therapist, Terrence Price (Clifton Powell), who had previously attended to LaShawn. The Hunter family wants to have an MRI performed, and the Army won't approve it. Roland and Price get into a verbal spat, with Price accusing Roland of being just another cookie-cutter army doctor who gives inferior care. Roland, of course, defends the Army. However, this does bother him.

Roland does manage to get the patient an MRI, and it turns out that Price was right. The patient is a volatile time bomb waiting to explode. Roland goes to the therapist's house to tell him the results, and then blows him off. Roland says he did what he did for the patient, not for Price. Too bad. Roland could use a male friend, and a peer at that. Probably just as well-they would probably spend most of the time trying to one-up each other.

Denise and Frank

It all seems so idyllic-Denise in her flowing white lingerie talking to Frank about not giving up on their marriage. She confesses everything to Frank. The only thing he wants to know is if she loves the other guy. Frank tells Denise he misses her and will be home soon. Waves of relief wash over Denise.

Then she wakes up. Back to reality, ratty pj's and all.

Frank is coming home. He's needed for war games. It was also suggested to him by a superior officer that he "deal with his personal issues." When Frank called Denise to tell her he was coming home, he was quite curt and to the point. He doesn't even want her to pick him up. (What a spectacle that would be.)

Life is no dream for Denise.

If the Shoe Fits line of the week: Roxy declares that her new Hump Bar will be more like she is. Pamela chimes in, "Low rent, sleazy…"

Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer