On the last episode of Army Wives...

Claudia Joy, Emmalin, Michael

Haneen is scheduled to go back to Iraq. Emmalin reads on the Internet that translator families are in grave danger. Emmalin says Haneen can't go because she'll be killed. Michael calls in a favor, and Haneen and her family will go to Turkey. Claudia Joy will accompany Haneen via military transport.

That Haneen is soooo polite. Is she like that in Iraq?

Emmalin wants to go, but her father nixes that, saying that she has to take her SAT test. That goes over big.

Emmalin decided to do a little cooking for the party that is to be hosted by the Holdens. She has a great attitude and seems interested in helping. Michael tells her she shouldn't bother; the military cooks will do all of that. This launches into an argument, with Emmalin dumping the mixture into the sink and dissolving into tears.

She accuses her father of comparing her to Amanda. Michael talks about each of his daughters and assures Emmalin of his love. He says they are cut from the same cloth, which is why they butt heads. Father and daughter make up.

Roxy and Trevor

Trevor is studying for his sergeant's exam. Joan tells him that everything is looking good for that to happen.

Finn's teacher requested a meeting with Roxy. The teacher said that the boy doesn't complete his work and his mind wanders. She alludes that Finn might be "slow." She suggested that Finn get tested. Roxy is totally thrown by this information, however she complies with the testing.

Finn, it turns out, is simply "bored out of his mind." He is exceptionally gifted and years beyond his classmates. It's recommended that Finn go to a private school. Roxy is totally relieved and surprised by this information.

Let's hope that Roxy snaps on that old bat teacher.


She was a supporting character this week. No major haps with her. She screwed up a recipe.

Joan and Roland

Price asks Roland to do his Wednesday counseling group. Price has a plan to keep their clinic running. It appears that the two are starting to get along better.

Joan notices one of her guys in the counseling group. This gives her pause.

Denise and Frank

They continue to date and hang out. Denise decides to sell her motorcycle. Franks isn't happy about that because he knows how she feels about the bike. He doesn't want her to resent him in the future.

Denise tells Frank that he is old-fashioned and predictable. They decide to leave that conversation for another time and not spoil their date.

Michael informs Frank that he is up for a bronze star. He commends Frank for his work in the field and how he knows how to switch courses "if things are not working." Now we can take that either way.

As Denise is preparing for her next date with Frank, a guy rolls up on a huge bike and says "Hey Baby, wanna go for a ride?" Frank switched courses! He and Denise rode off on the open trail!

Frank and Denise consummated their new relationship. He asked her to move back in.

As Frank is carrying Denise over the threshold, the phone rings. Frank must go back to Iraq.

Story by Donna Terrell

Starpulse contributing writer