The battle for guardianship of "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is set to go to trial later this year.
In October, the actress' mom Chrystal Workman lost her parental rights after the 15 year old claimed she was being physically and emotionally abused.
Ariel's 34-year-old sister Shanelle Gray was given temporary custody, and the actress recently said she was enjoying "more of a family life" since moving in with her older sibling and her husband.
The case returned to court on Friday, and Workman asked a judge to force the actress to attend joint therapy sessions so they could repair their fractured relationship.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas rejected the motion and insisted it was up to the family counselor, "who knows how to put families back together," to decide when it was time to set up the big meeting, as Winter has reportedly been refusing to reconcile with her estranged mother. He explained to Workman, "It's a work in progress... There's been no advancement in terms of reunification."
According to, Levanas scheduled the case to go to trial this October, much to Workman's dissatisfaction.
Gray's lawyer Michael Kretzner said Ariel's sister is open to settling the case out of court but is willing to take care of her sister for as long as necessary.
Kretzner said, "We are still hopeful that all parties come to an agreement without further litigation. The litigation for mother and daughter is stressful and expensive. Ariel would like to get on with her acting career."