Sterling Archer has always wanted to fight on top of a train. In this week's Archer, he finally gets his wish, with hilarious results.

The agents of ISIS are helping to transport a Canadian prisoner back to well as Malory and her dozen-plus suitcases. Archer shows up wasted, having gotten the departure time wrong. The voice of reason is a black porter whose name actually is George. Yep, "The Limited" is a typical episode of Archer.

The transport is taking place via train, which means Archer can continue to get even more drunk in the dining car ("Do you even still get hangovers?" asks Lana incredulously) and we find out that Carol/Cheryl's impossibly rich family owns half the railroad, meaning she can bring her own private cars (plural) and her ocelot. In the midst of all the usual shenanigans, both the prisoner and the ocelot go missing. The latter concerns Archer more than the former.

As the train reaches the American-Canadian border, mounties arrive...and so do bad guys posing as mounties. Archer and Lana can't tell who's who, which leads to a big shootout interrupted by the escaped ocelot and Archer's use of a live grenade. This all culminates in Archer's "lifelong dream," as he tries to tangle with the bad guy on top of the train. Said fight is short-lived as Lana pulls the emergency brake, but at least Archer saves the ocelot...which says "thank you" by mauling him. He then gets arrested by the Mounties, although he gets to share the back of the police car with the ocelot.

"The Limited" is typical Archer in that it shows us for the umpteenth time how the main cast's quirks and issues manage to royally screw up their jobs. So much of the episode wouldn't have happened if anyone was reasonably competent. Plus, there's the show's being unafraid to take every possible inflammatory subject (in this case, racism) and laugh in its face.

I have to say, though, that the episode was completely stolen by the ocelot. I thought it was hilarious the first time it appeared, and I still do. The fact that Archer treats it like a buddy, conversing with it while it obviously loathes him, is still entertaining. I wouldn't want to go there too many times and overuse the gag, but I wouldn't mind seeing it come back again, either.

This is another episode that benefits from Archer being an animated series. You couldn't pitch a live-action series and say that you wanted to blow up part of a train and have an ocelot running around. It would be a budgetary nightmare plus animal wrangling, for starters. Yet there are no such concerns for the ISIS employees - or any concerns for that matter. They're all hopeless, but that's why I love them.

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