Of all the things on Archer that can make me cringe (and there are many of them), the topic that always gets to me is any mention of Malory Archer's sex life. So here's an entire episode about that!

Archer and Lana are called over by his mother on a rainy Friday night because there's "a guy in a full-body latex cat suit" who's been shot to death in her apartment - and that guy happens to be the Prime Minister of Italy. It looks like the fatal end to an incredibly kinky sex game, and it kind of is. This is Archer. No one ever really dies normally, or with much dignity.

We find out that the Prime Minister and Malory have been having increasingly odd relations for awhile now, but she insists that a thug burst in, killed him and shot her on his way out. Needing to keep his mother out of prison, Archer takes a break to make dinner and do a Woodhouse impression, and then calls in Krieger, who brings everyone else with him to help him "disseminate" the corpse (but not before he takes a picture with it).

To fool a nosy NYPD detective, our cast stages a ridiculous dinner party, including Lana having to be the maid and Cheryl/Carol massively overacting. Though the ruse works on him, Lana points out to Archer that Malory's clip was empty, although she claimed to only have fired three shots. Counting the five bullets in the body plus the three in the wall and the one in Malory's arm, it quickly dawns on the two of them that Malory was the culprit all along. She's been holding a grudge for more than three decades - because the Prime Minister's people killed a man who may have been Archer's father a long, long time ago. She's a crafty one, that Ms. Archer.

This is one of Archer's more out-there episodes; there are phrases in "Lo Scandalo" I hope I never hear again. Yet as is true of this show, at the same time that I was uncomfortable, I couldn't help but laugh at things like Archer's need to express his sudden appetite for spaghetti and meatballs, or Lana in a convenient maid outfit. (Although the super's kid not getting his surgery and going to die was depressing, I'll admit.) I loved how everyone knew how ridiculous the situation was and how Archer persisted in making fun of it, because it really did deserve to be made fun of.

This is one of those episodes where I caught myself wondering, "And how exactly did Adam Reed get this past the network censors?" But I'm certainly glad that he did.

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