In case you missed it: Sterling Archer is the Pirate King. He's just not a very good one.

He's too busy being sloshed in bed with two women and, to use his own words, "covered in every bodily fluid there is." He hasn't read the orientation materials - in fact, he lit them on fire - and he's left the actual management up to Noah (David Cross), who informs him that karaoke night and intramural lacrosse don't keep unpaid pirates happy, and that he sucks at actual piracy.

Archer's total leadership fail causes the pirates to suggest a democratic election, challenge him to a fight, and finally stage a mutiny. Only Archer could mess up so royally that they'd go through multiple options just to get rid of him.

Back at ISIS HQ, Cyril is having a freakout because Ray is busting his precious budget running up an exhaustive and needless tab while heading for the pirate island to bring back Archer. While Cyril retaliates by hiding a few Swiss bank accounts and ends up with a naked Pam passed out on his floor (a sight from which my eyes may not recover), Ray sips his drink and puts up with Lana, who's snarky since everyone but her knows she's still attracted to Archer.

She decides to vent her frustration in her usual fashion: by going in guns blazing, while simultaneously kvetching. It's probably the latter that gets them captured by a group of pirates shortly after arriving on the island.

Archer, Noah and Rip (Patrick Warburton)'s escape attempt fails pitifully and lands them all in a cell. In short order, they have company in the form of Lana and Ray, who's sporting an eyepatch after having been the unintended victim of Lana's temper. The next one will probably be Archer, who finds her arrival to be celebration-worthy.

Archer never fails to make me laugh, and "Heart of Archness" has been no exception. What I really enjoy is that while the offensive content can be funny, the funny stuff doesn't necessarily have to be offensive. I think my biggest laughs in this episode came from the idea that the pirates have an orientation manual.

"Part 2" plays by making fun of all the qualities about our characters that make them so entertaining: Archer's ignorance. Lana's temper, Cyril's perpetual frustration, and even Pam's creepy perversions. It's funny because everyone else realizes how strange they truly are except them.

Their little bubble of ignorance is what makes Archer go round so delightfully. I can't wait for "Part 3."

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